Jul 29, 2017

Introduction to Interpersonal relationship

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Introduction to Interpersonal relationship

this is what all the information that you have to included , I began my first experience at Genesis Homewood. Since it was my first day, I was nervous until I meet other students at the lobby of the nursing home, where we have to meet oure instructor. While they are waiting for their instructor, they start having conversation about the general procedures we have to follow in the nursing home. Ms.Peggy she is 81 years old White old women. Her marital states are divorced. She is Christian. She was a Telecommunication worker. Also she was a hard worker she say she use to drive a big truck car too. She is Allergies NH4 Ammonia cloriad. Her health statues is she is right humorous fracture , DM ,Anxiety,Constipation. DNI,Do not Intubate she taking Citalopram HBR 10 mg Tablet (wf Celexa) 1/2tab (5mg) by moth every day , Metformin HCl 500 mg Tablet (Glucophage metformin twice a aday and she taking for the comstipation,bowel regime Docusate sodium softgels senha 8.6mg tablet. And prn Tylenol She has 1 daughter and 2 grand children. She don`t have any friend to ask even her daughter don`t talk to her. Ms.Peggy say that after she diveore her doughter father she married another men .her daughter don`t like him because he abuse her mother.but Ms.peggy say even he abuse her she still love him so she don`t want to stop her relationship with then her don`t don`t talk to her b/c of this . Physical appearance her eye is to small her hand is weak, she is hunch back. Ms.peggy say that she don`t like it the nursing home .she say she is un independent women. When I look the sround of the room Ms.peggy draw some picture, and I ask her who draw that picture and she say she draw a cat crying b/c she want to show the nurse how much she love coffee and the nurse don`t give her the coffee evey morning so she is trying to show them her feeling . Ms.peggy help her she is strong women she go bather room by her self. The follower was cline in the room it was 2 bed one ms.peggy and the other was no one sleep. Ms.peggy told me the person that was in the room with her is discharge ,she say she don`t like that person and she like it to be alone. I take her vital signs head to toe . The conversation ended at this point her blood pressure was 110/60, pules 65, respirator 13,
Interpersonal relationshipNameUniversityDateInterpersonal relationshipMy interaction with the patient takes place at Genesis Homewood nursing home. My patient, Ms Peggy, 81 years old divorced white old woman, is a hard working Christian. She is a telecommunication worker and used to drive large trucks. Ms Peggy is allergic to Ammonium Chloride. She has a right humorous fracture and suffers from DM, anxiety and constipation. Currently, Ms Peggy takes Citalopram HBR 10mg tablet (wf Celexa) ½ tab (5mg) by mouth every day, Metformin HCL 500 mg tablet (Glucophage metforming twice a day. She also takes a bowel regime Docusate Sodium softgels senha 8.6 mg tablet and prn Tylenol for the constipation.Ms Peggy has a daughter and two grandchildren. She married another man after her divorce. Her daughter does not like the man because he abuses her mother, Ms Peggy who has no fr...

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