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Internship Programs at Marketing Plus

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Internship Programs at Marketing Plus


please following instructions on the attached document


Read the following: 

  • Writing Memos

    Review the Purdue`s OWL site on memos, make sure you review all four areas.  Accessed February 17, 2011, at:http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/590/01/ 

  • Writing Persuasive Messages

    This is a typical business communication textbook chapter on writing persuasive messages from one of the most popular business communication textbooks.

    Bowman, J. P.  Writing Persuasive Messages. Accessed February 17, 2011, at: http://homepages.wmich.edu/~bowman/c4eframe.html 

  • Ethos and Error: How Business People React to Errors

 This fascinating article explains how writing errors can destroy your otherwise hard work in being persuasive (and can make a terrible impression on business people in general). If you ever thought small writing errors at work weren`t important, you owe it to yourself to read this.

Beason, L., (2001). Ethos and Error: How Business People React to Errors.College Composition and Communication.53(1), 33-64.

Please read the following case study:

As a manager at Marketing Plus, a small Los Angeles-based public relations and marketing firm, you think your company should be offering internships. With all the colleges in the Los Angeles area, you would have a wide audience for an internship program. In addition, your company could use the extra help and perhaps even the creativity of about-to-graduate college students.

You recently read about Nickerson PME, a 10-person Boston area marketing and public relations firm. Owner Lisa Nickerson offers a year-round internship program. She calls participants "associates" to make them feel less like "lowly interns" and more like members of the staff. Her interns receive course credit and work experience but do not earn a paycheck. Instead Nickerson teaches them to perform tasks like preparing press releases and promoting them to clients. The arrangement results in valuable help around the office without draining the budget. Nickerson says, "If you take the time to put together a good program, you don`t have to pay the student. An abundance of students want that type of hands-on client experience."

You believe that Los Angeles college students would be eager to gain experience at a real company and fill in their résumés with solid work experience. The problem is that your boss resists internship programs because he has heard that interns are really employees who must be paid. He told you in a recent conversation that he is unsure of the fine line that separates employees from interns and he doesn`t want to violate any labor laws.

Assignment Instructions: 

Write a persuasive e-mail message (about 450 words) to Dick Elders founder and CEO of Marketing Plus. Explain how interns are different from employees. Use the Internet to research the topic and learn what six requirements help the government determine whether an intern is an employee who should be paid. Use persuasive strategies you have studied, but stay focused on the conviction that interns do not have to be paid as employees. You are on a first-name basis with Dick.

Assignment Expectations:

Write a persuasive memo (about 450 words).

Write a summary explaining why you used the principles you used in writing your memo (about 200 words).

To: Dick Elders, CEO Marketing PlusFrom: Hr Manager Marketing PlusDate: 03/01/2014Subject: Internship Programs at Marketing PlusFindings have shown that a large number of Los Angeles final year college students have a desire to gain a substantial work experience. The students would also like to build their resumes with solid work experience. I therefore would like to suggest that the company starts an internship program for Los Angeles college students who are in their final year of study. The interns will receive course credits and substantial hands on work experience with no paycheck. The company will offer this experience by assigning the interns to prepare press releases and promoting them to the existing and potential clients. The interns will input valuable contribution to the company without having to drain the company`s budget.Difference between employees and internsEven though interns contribute to a company just like employees do, interns are different from employees, and they need not get paid using monetary value. According to the criteria outlined by the U.S Department of Labor on whether the intern must be paid, the interns will not qualify t...

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