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Finance 437 Advanced Topics in Insurance Fall 2013

Final Paper Assignment (20% of Final Grade)

Complete One Question. HARD Limit of Four Double Spaced Pages + Source Page(s)

Note that four pages is relatively short so you should answer efficiently and not simply include less information.  Use research, lectures from Farmers professionals, your book and other info to support your answer.

1)     Consider a business strategy for the perfect P&C personal lines company.  What do you think a company needs to succeed in 2013 and beyond?  Perhaps pointing to something you like or don’t like about a particular company might be helpful.  This is not about your preferences—this about accomplishing goals.

2)     Consider all of the risks and external forces acting on a P&C insurer’s financial management and the tools to manage those risks and forces.  List five of the most important risks and/or forces (there are no exact five, but regulators would certainly be one) and explain how each one would affect the financial management of the company.

3)     Think about how an insurance company chooses its risks (both assets and liabilities).  Explain the underwriting process and how insurers and banks operate in similar ways in taking risks in search of profit.  This is not an easy question to answer completely in four pages so be careful.

No more than 4 pages.

NameCourseLecturerDateUnderwritingInsurance is a risk taking business. Each single day companies have the task of defining what good risks to take (assets) are and which simply (liabilities) aren`t. An insurance company chooses its risks through the underwriting process with the help of an underwriter either a person or an automated one. Financial institutions, be it a bank, insurance company, or an investment company, use an underwriting process to determine whether a client is legible to receive a loan or a mortgage or credit as the financial product. It is a way of assessing whether the risk is worth taking or not.The process of underwriting involves a variety of steps which include the following; * Information Development * Exposure Analysis * Pricing to Exposure and * DocumentationFirst is Information Development, before one decides to underwrite, good quality and quantity of information should be gathered and analyzed before a proper decision is made. Both objective and subjective information is required. In gathering this information, many aspects of an entity are scrutinized in determining what would be a good investment opportunity and what simply wouldn`t be. Some of the aspects of an entity to be looked at may include; * The financial status of each of the business owners at a personal level, and with this inc...

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