In terms of infrastructure, virtualization is becoming important. What is virtualization? How does it work, and how might it provide a cost benefit?

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Management Information Science

Management Information Science

For each of the question mark, needs to have at least ONE paragraph with FIVE sentences in each of the paragraph.

1. In terms of infrastructure, virtualization is becoming important. What is virtualization? How does it work, and how might it provide a cost benefit? (For this question, needs to have at least TWO paragraph, with FIVE sentences in each of the paragraph, in order to answer both of the questions) (The answer can be found on the materials P.88)

2.Select ONE of the following six enterprise applications and write TWO paragraphs, with at least FIVE sentences in each paragraph that describes that system.
a. Enterprise Resource Planning System
b. Decision Support System
c. Unified Communication System
d. Supply Chain Management System
e. Customer Relationship Management System
f. Knowledge Management System

3. List several ways noted to deal with competitive forces. (Write TWO paragraphs with FIVE or more sentences each that describe information system strategies for dealing with competitive forces. Please include the topics of alignment to the firm’s business objectives, low-cost leadership, product differentiation, and strengthening customer and supplier intimacy

Sample Paper


Virtualization refers to the process of creating another version of an item by relying on the existing tools and infrastructure. The main idea behind virtualization is to link up the different components by only relying on one infrastructure to handle all the tasks. There are different types of virtualization depending on the components that one would like to focus on and minimize costs on. In IT, the most notable of these are network, storage, and server. Other than these three, there are other forms of virtualization under software, memory, data and hardware.

Networks, virtualization focuses on combining resources in a network through a split of the band into channels, which is made to be independent to others. Networks virtualization makes it possible to manage the files with much more ease. Under storage, Virtualization allows for the pooling of physical storage from multiple network devices to what is made to be a single storage device. Closely relate to the other two is server virtualization a way of masking servers and their resources to allow for sharing, maintenance and handling of complicated tasks such as comprehending how servers perform their task. In all of these instances virtualization minimizes the cost of the infrastructure by relying much more on the existing ones.

Knowledge Management System KMS

Knowledge management system refers to any kind of IT system that focuses on storing and retrieving knowledge with an aim of enhancing collaboration between the different knowledge centers and sources. Today, most organization are adopting knowledge management system in a bid to improve their understanding of the customer while further to interlink other systems such as the customer relation management system. In interlinking these systems to offer results just as they expected, KMS synthesizes information from all the quotas identifying the various forms of knowledge. Usually, knowledge management systems are divided into various segments. These segments are the capturing segment, the storing segment, the intelligence, and the expert system………………………………………. some section has been intentionally omitted……………

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