Jul 23, 2017

Impact of the Proclamation of 1763

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Impact of the Proclamation of 1763


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Impact of the Proclamation of 1763NameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateKing George III issued a proclamation in 1763 to bar colonial settlers from further encroaching on Indians in colonial North America. The proclamation resulted from the British victory over France in a war that lasted for seven years. The victory allowed the British to acquire the surrendered Ohio valley territory. This territory was between the Appalachian Mountains in the East and the Mississippi river in the West. The proclamation prohibited colonists from occupying land that was west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British feared that occupying the land would trigger violence from the inhabitants as well as stretch British administrative resources. The proclamation had short term impacts on the relations between colonists and Great Britain and long term impacts on modern day Canada treaty processes. Some colonists obeyed its provisions while others out rightly opposed it and this lead to its revision in 1768. The proclamation had short lived acknowledgement of Indian rights which has far reaching implications in modern day Canada and First nation’s affairs.The proclamation of 1763 resulted in the establishment of 4 colonies namely Quebec, Grenada and East and West Florida. It also provided that the Crown holds talks with indigenous peoples/Indians prior to settlers’ encroachment in the areas beyond the proclamation line. It provided that only the Crown had the mandate to obtain the protected Indian land through its agents. It was in an attempt to rid discontent that the Indians harbored towards the abuses that settlers committed when purchasing their land. The proclamation is valid in Canada under section twenty five of its constitution. This section recognizes Aboriginal title rights and is also known as Canada’s Magna Carta. It guarantees that there is nothing that can override aboriginal rights that are enshrined in the 1763 proclamation. The US however rendered the provisions invalid after independence. The proclamation provided the framework for establishment of treat...

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