Aug 10, 2017

How to maximize the views of Gardner, Piaget, and Vygotsky in a classroom or early learning centre

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Importance of Cognitive and Social Theories to Child Development

Psychology of Learning Research Paper #2 Due: August 8th at beginning of class Keep in mind that you can choose ANY 3 theories that we have covered in class (up to and including Motivation) so long as they are NOT the 3 you have already discussed in Paper #1. You are also free to choose what the purpose of your paper will be. For example you can examine Piaget, Vygotsky, and Bandura and argue why their 3 theories are especially important to children`s development and how useful they are in a classroom setting. You could also compare and contrast theories to one another and argue how some are more/less useful or easy for early educators to implement into the classroom setting…. Goal: The goal of this research paper is for you to synthesize information/research on the various ideas and theories that have been discussed in class in order to determine what they suggest educators should be doing in the classroom (Best Practices). Directions: 1. You may work with a partner or on your own to complete this assignment. 2. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length. 3. The paper must be typed 4. When writing the paper APA format is required. 5. You will need to access a range of research sources to reliable prepare this assignment. Class PowerPoint`s will not be sufficient source material .Students are encouraged to include a minimum of three research sources per theory for preparing this section of the paper. It should include the following components: Title page Introduction Introduce the theories and research you`ll be examining from the material covered in the first half of the course and explain how you will be examining the information Research (this will be done in chart form). Each student will need to research three different theories for the charts they will be handing in. e.g. of chart Sternberg`s Triarchic Theory Impact on the Environment Impact on Teacher/Child interaction Impact on Child/Child Interaction Impact on behavior guidance Summative reflections based on the research information In this section you will reflect on your emerging experiences involving field placement. Determine (i.e. provide examples) how the theories or research were incorporated into the centre`s programming (environments: outdoor & indoor, curriculum: indoor & outdoor, behaviour guidance practices, etc.).Provide some concrete recommendations for how these theories can be better reflected in the teaching practices you observed in your placement. Conclusion In this section you should look at the previous sections and draw some general conclusions about what research/theories are currently being incorporated into an ECE program and the reasons why. You could also indicate why it would or would not be good for programs to incorporate some of the theories into a program. References Bibliography • Make sure all sources of information are referenced in-text as well as in the reference section. Possible research topics: Paper #2 Topics 1. The Big 3: Arguments for the three most influential theories for teachers/child care workers 2. How to maximize the views of Gardner, Piaget, and Vygotsky in a classroom or early learning centre 3. 3 theories to leave behind: Arguments for 3 theories that have little impact or support in today`s child development (i.e., General Intelligence theories, some motivation theories, moral development?) 4. 3 theories critical/essential to early development (i.e., Attachment, Bandura, Motivation)
Importance of Cognitive and Social Theories to Child DevelopmentName:Professor:Course Name:Course Title:Course Number:Date Due:Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc332283582 h 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc332283583 h 3Research Design and Methods PAGEREF _Toc332283584 h 3Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc332283585 h 4Research and Analysis PAGEREF _Toc332283586 h 4References PAGEREF _Toc332283587 h 10AbstractThe development of a child is influenced by several factors such as the teacher, the environment, the peers or the parents. Research studies have identified the growth of children to be different and the way they are affected by the influential factors on their growth is different too. However, there are a number of stages through which the children pass during the adolescent years. The way a child is brought up is important since it can affect the child in either a positive or negative manner. Several scholars have defined the term child development but according to Erikson, child development is a continuous process that occurs through various stages in a child with a number of elements that change at different rates.IntroductionChild development occurs at different rates through time. Several scholars have contributed to this topic on child development. However, this study looks at the theories proposed by Freud Bandura, Piaget and Vygotsky on the reasons why children in most cases behave the way they do. These theories propose on the way children grow and the way they are affected by various factors. However, other critics of these theories such as the cognitive social learning theory believe that the process of child development is through observation and it is influenced by the way the given child “imitates” the others through cognitive processes (Bandura, 2009). Therefore how these theories are proposed by these scholars important to child development and how useful are they in the classroom setting remains a key argument in education.Howe...

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