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how the source will be used in one`s own research

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ENG 102 WK 3 slp


Create an Annotated Bibliography using three of the videos assigned for Module 3.

Below is a sample of an Annotated Bibliography entry for one source. The entry includes the source (in APA Style) followed by two paragraphs: 1) a summary of the source and 2) a reflection on how the source will be used in one`s own research

Annotated Bibliography

Stanhope, H. (2010, August 11). How low can you go: living on minimum-wage in America. American Living1, 63+.

This article explains the author`s experiential research in which she attempts to ascertain whether it is currently possible for an individual to live on a minimum wage in America. After shadowing a waitress, a maid in a cleaning service, and a Walmart sales employee for six months, Stanhope summarizes her experiences and reflects on her findings, including the individuals` relationships with fellow workers and their financial struggles.

While my paper addresses single parenting, Stanhope`s article is especially effective in the portion of my essay that addresses employment. One of my supporting points addresses the difficulty single parents’ face as they attempt to balance rearing a family while providing financially. Specific quotes from the workers who were shadowed will provide support for my points through real life examples. Further, Stanhope provides scholarly research on the economy and the rising cost of living in America today, which also lends support and credibility to my thesis.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Demonstrate the ability to create an Annotated Bibliography.
NameCourseCollegeBrooks, D. (2011, May 30). It`s not about you. The New York Times.This article tries to elaborate on the imminent opportunities and challenges that the recent crop of American college graduates are bound to face as they are ushered into the realities of the outside world. It explores the foundations that this group of students has been exposed to over the years in a bid to structure them which is more of individualistic in nature and thus will not serve them well to fit in the awaiting environment of adulthood which is unstructured. The article reiterates that the previous fundamental teachings and principles that these college students have undergone are likely to be met by the harsh realities of the world outside there which does not seem to recognize those virtues and values.My paper particular addresses challenges that college students encounter after school as they are trying to fit in the job market and thus Brooks article provides noble knowledge that elaborates on the current situation that is in place and the hustle that these students have to undergo before they comfortably settle . The article further analyses the system of educating and mentoring that these students undergo through their school life most o...

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