how the recruiting experience for accountants has morphed over the past few years

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Plain Vanilla Accountants and other questions

Plain Vanilla Accountants and other questions

1: Main point of the article: This article discusses how the recruiting experience for accountants has morphed over the past few years, how the traditional accounting roles and responsibilities have transformed over time. Besides discussing some of the external and internal environmental factors that have occasioned these changes in the accounting field the article also places focus on the skills sets that employers seeking to hire are prioritizing during recruitment.

2: Desired Skills: A broad range of communication and technical skills are required even for the positions of entry-level accountants. They should have the ability to mine data, analyze it and present their finds articulately to their team mates, and have consistent initiative over such issues. Accountants seeking employment stand a better chance of getting jobs if they exhibit skills in strategic thinking, financial reporting, leadership, forecasting and cost management since these areas are key for any organization. To ensure effective running of any organization in these extremely competitive times, forecasting and budgeting skills have become a top priority for employers.

3: Skill sets drivers: Automation of certain basic processes in accounting such as debiting, crediting and generating financial statements has rendered some skill sets redundant. The current business landscape has become complex and increasingly so, with the business terrain morphing faster and faster with technological advances and expansion of markets. This changing terrain comes with unique problems that need innovative and radical solutions to solve besides the technical aspects of accounting.

4: Article Summary: From the website, I found an article dubbed ‘Cha-ching cha-ching: Get a glimpse of what CPAs earn’ which caught my eye as I was curious about the salaries one can expect to earn in the accounting field. The article recognized the importance of compensation and provides the encouragement that in general the accounting industry provides sufficient salaries to its employees. The article also gave a positive forecast of the employment situation in the year 2016 citing globally expanding economies and stricter auditing and accounting regulations as the driving force more jobs and even better pay.

5. CPA Profile: Belicia Cespedes is a corporate Accountant for International Environmental Corp which is a landscaping and Construction Company owned by her parents. She earned hours of experience by working for Anthony Bonenfant and Company which helped her towards her licensure. As a seventeen-year-old, Belicia has not forged a career path but is seriously considering her options. She would like to pursue law school and since she is al

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