Jul 29, 2017

How is music part of your personal identity? If you feel it`s not, how does music factor into your everyday life?

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Music Role Essay

Special Activity: Music Due Date: October 1 by 9 pm Word Count: 500 Points: 5 Reading Prerequisite: Anderson Chapter 6 Overview: Walking between classes, the sight of iPods and the corresponding white ear buds is unavoidable. Listening to music while on the move has never been easier, and thousands of students enjoy their favorite songs between the rigors of class work. Music is a trace of the musician, and often the songs they create can be tied to specific beliefs and values. Many people view the music they listen to as a fundamental part of their identities. It is not uncommon for individuals to wear clothing that reflects their music tastes, and discussions of music can be heard across campus. Penn State sponsors several concerts each year. The variety of artists brought to perform at the Bryce Jordan Center is a testament to the highly varied tastes of individuals when it comes to music, and each band has their own group of supporters. This activity will focus on music and how it is employed by businesses today. It is not uncommon to hear music played in public settings, from supermarkets to specialty stores to cafes. It is reasonable to expect that the music played by the store owners is expected to be enjoyed by the customers who come to purchase the goods and services the business provides. This subtle form of (b)ordering is evident here in State College; one only needs to walk downtown past Urban Outfitters, Metro, Starbucks, Chipotle, Baby`s, etc. to notice the differences in the music they play. In addition to specific musical genres employed by businesses, individual songs can be used by companies to market products and services. Anderson provides several examples of this phenomenon on page 73. Assignment: For this assignment, you will answer the following questions in a 500 word short paper. You will submit your paper on Angel in the folder corresponding to this activity: • How is music part of your personal identity? If you feel it`s not, how does music factor into your everyday life? • Do you think that paid advertisements in music are an acceptable form of marketing? What about artists who endorse brands without compensation – why might an artist endorse a brand without being paid? • Are you familiar with any songs that contain brand names? How are the brands incorporated into the song? • In what ways does product endorsements (b)order music in a way that negatively affects the listener?
MusicName:Institution:MusicMusic plays an important role in people`s life based on the type of music that an individual listen to. Through music, persons are in the position of controlling their moods. For instance, for bereaves, music helps to comfort them during the hard time they are facing in memories of losing their loved ones. Personally, music affects my way of thinking and reaction on issues that affect my life. When I listen to gospel music, I feel being in the spiritual mood; therefore, it helps me to desist from wrongdoings that may affect my daily life. On the other hand, when listening to love music, I feel in love as it brings the picture of love into my mind. Consequently, music helps me to relax my mind and brain after involving in a tireless activity. Therefore, I do consider music as part of life.There are various ways in which an organization may use music in advertising their products. For instance, most organizations use music in their adverts because it helps in attracting more customers who love the u...

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