Jul 24, 2017

How do you want to live in the future?

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Lifestyle prescription


Lifestyle Prescription Paper

1,500 words


The action of laying down authoritative rules or directions

This is your final paper for RPTA 122. At this point in the semester, we have talked quite a bit about the psychology of leisure, and how leisure is so important to incorporate into our careers and family. As part of this assignment, please define leisure in your own words. This definition will be part of your introduction in your oral presentation.

To help you prepare your final paper, there are some guidelines to follow:

You are to describe your life from two years ago to the present and then project what your life may be like in 5,10,15 years from now. Include all pertinent information - family, career and leisure.

How do you want to live in the future? Put some thought into this very important question.

The presentation should be nine to twelve minutes in length.

Use visual objects such as pictures, photos, models and props. Power Point is fine.

More information will be explained by your instructor.

Lifestyle PrescriptionName:Institution:Lifestyle PrescriptionThere is a personal observation that lifestyle is better when spiced up or incorporated with various events that fuel the daily living. It is important to practice a balanced lifestyle in order to be contented. This may require every reasonable portion of family, career and leisure. Interestingly, most of us find time for family and career and abandon leisure, reasoning that it is not an important aspect. Leisure is a vital aspect in life because it is the only opportunity that an individual have for enjoyment. Thus, personal definition for leisure is a time set apart purposely for enjoyment and self-nourishment. There is a personal lifestyle prescription for the last two years and the aspirations in form of goals and objectives for the following five, ten and fifteen years from the present. The word fate was very familiar to my ears even though I did not know the meaning at the moment. When growing up, more understanding came that when people talked of fate they meant that, however, much hardworking try in life, if your fate is to be poor, you will always be reduced to poverty. This knowledge, or rather ignorance had played a reasonable part in my stagnant life in teenage years, as I had reasoned that there was no point of working hard because if fate dictated that I would be successful and rich then it will be so. This primitive mindset remained and I got more reasons to lack focus in both education and career. Two years ago, I was a student at American River College but had not made up my mind on a career direction at the moment. Moreover, neither had I any idea of a major that I should take because of the ignorant life I lived. There was no particular attention in any area of education that I had embraced and when the time came to choose, I would find myself having more than three career options. After transferring to the university, however, I observed and interacted with fellow students who had great aspirations that challenged me. This has so far helped me to view life in a more serious perspective and through that I have been able to seek career interests and directions than ever. I found interest in studies than while in college and I will hopefully be graduating the next semester with a BS in Civil Engineering. I am so far enjoying my studies and reaping the fruits of diligence in studies as I receive good grades in every assessment conducted in class, a positive indication that continued effort will bring commendable results and thus good career practice. There is limited time for me in the campus and thus leisure time is minimized for future, as I compensate the time wasted in college and look forward to causing a difference in the lives of many youths in our society. However, physical activities for the purpose of healthy living have not been ignored because it is commendable even for nourishing the mind for studies. In addition, there is little time spent with my family m...

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