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How do you plan to enter the market? How do you intend to attract customers? How and why will this work?

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of How do you plan to enter the market? How do you intend to attract customers? How and why will this work? in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 40. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Pure Hold Hygiene Handle


Note: 1- Please follow the criteria ( the criteria is uploaded) 2- I uploaded some file Explain more about the criteria 3- I uploaded a book .. please have a look on marketing chapter , its very helpful and explain what i want exactly from p 43 to 70 4- From p 75 to 76 ... very important summery .. you should read it 4- No need for introduction and conclusion. Follow only the outline 5- Here are some website will help you understand the idea http://www.altitudemedical.com/ http://www.dezeen.com/2014/03/28/a-hospital-door-handle-sanitises-users-hands-and-measures-cleanliness-of-staff/ http://www.pullclean.com/ http://www.purehold.co.uk/ 6- please use book, journal and Article as referencing 7- use Australian English



1- Marketing

           1  -  Product analysis

          2- Market segmentation

        3- Market target:  ([Who are you selling to? Why would they buy your products/services over others?]

    (here are  some suggestion for target market ... you can add more)

  • MEDICAL - INFECTION PREVENTION (Hospitals / Care Homes / NHS / GP / Dental)

      4 -   Market position (brand-logo and position)

       5 - Marketing mix

       6   - PESTL analysis


 [How do you plan to enter the market? How do you intend to attract customers? How and why will this work?]

         - Beside the strategy plan.. use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

9- - SWOT analysis

List each of your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats in the table below and then outline how you plan to address each of the weaknesses/threats  (write it in point in table)


10- Advertising and promotional strategy  [What strategies do you have for promoting and advertising your products/services in the next 12 months?]

11- Sales and marketing objectives

[Who makes up your sales team? What sales techniques will they use? What tools/material will they use to help sell your products/services? What sales goals/targets will they meet?]


12- Unique selling position

[Why do you have an advantage over your competitors? How will your products/services succeed in the market where others may have failed?]



13- Sales and distribution channels

14- Customer services (Consumers expect to be able to contact a customer representative with question and problem ) whats your plan to meet customer need?                    


2- Assessment of Marketing Effectiveness  

Once your marketing plan is implemented, you will need to assess your results. You

will need to continuously monitor the effectiveness of each online and offline

campaign.           how you assess your marketing plan ?


 3- Manufacturing / operation

this section of the business plan needs to describe how the product will be produced now and in the future. There are various options: e.g., self-manufacture, subcontract or licensed manufacture by an independent business, or a combination of these. Investors will also want to know how many units can be produced under this system and how future growth in sales can be serviced, i.e., the means by which capacity will be expanded and when. Investors are also interested in economies of scale and scope and how this equates to different cost levels at different volumes (once again searching for a possible sustainable competitive advantage based on lower cost superiority). The key here is not to go overboard and provide too much detail. Stick to the one page budget for this section and include further details, if necessary in the appendices.

1-Production process
[What is the process involved in producing your products or services. This process will vary depending on your product or service. Here are some examples of questions you may consider. Is there a manufacturing process? Who is involved in the process? Are there any third parties involved? What is involved in delivering the service to your customers?] 


[Who are your main suppliers? What do they supply to your business? How will you maintain a good relationship with them?]

3-Plant and equipment 
[List your current plant and equipment purchases. These can include vehicles, computer equipment, phones and fax machines.]



[List your current inventory items in the table below. If you have a substantial inventory, you may prefer to attach a full inventory list to the back of this business plan.]5-Technology (Software): [What technology do you require? For example: website, point of sale software or accounting package? What will be the main purpose for each? Will they be off-the-shelf or purpose built? What is the estimated cost of each technology solution?] (name a software company)

6-Trading hours: [What are your trading hours? What are your expected peak trading times? Which times do you expect to be more profitable? How will this change over different seasons? How do your trading hours accommodate these changes?]

7-Communication channels: [How can your customers get in contact with you? These channels can include: telephone (landline/mobile), post box, shopfront, email, fax and/or internet blog/social networking website.]

8-Payment types accepted: [What payment types will you accept. cash, credit, cheque, gift cards, Paypal etc]

9-Credit policy: [What is your credit policy for customers/suppliers? How long is the credit period? What are your collection strategies/procedures? What credit does your business receive? What are the terms?]

10-Warranties & refunds: [If you manufacture certain goods, what are the warranty terms? What is your business refund/exchange policy?]

11-Quality control: [Describe your quality control process. What checks or balances do you have in place to ensure the product or service you offer is produced to the same standard of quality? What steps do you take to meet product safety standards?]

12-Memberships and affiliations: [Is your business a member of any particular industry association or club? Do you have any affiliations with any other organisation?]


basic insurance against workplace accidents and injuries.


Security is very important part of the business and has two aspects: customers and staff.


1- Please follow the criteria

2- I uploaded some file Explain more about the criteria

3- I uploaded a book .. please have a look on marketing chapter , its very helpful and explain what i want exactly  from p 43 to 70

4- From p 75 to 76 ... very important summery .. you should read it

4- No need for introduction and conclusion. Follow only the outline

Pure Hold Hygiene HandleName:Institution: 1. Marketing 1-Product Analysis Hospital acquired infections are a real threat to the public health. However, the matter has in the past been dealt with casually leading to high infection rates and deaths of both the patients and the medical teams (New York Department of Health, 2014). In the USA alone, more than 100,000 persons die from the hospital acquired infections, while at the same time costing the government and the tax payers more than $40 billion US dollars every year. Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is a product that is going to bring the number down as well as save lives and the financial costs associated with it. The product that is set to bring sanitization of the staff and the patients in the line of motion is very easy to use. Essentially, it is a revolutionary handle, which dispenses sanitization gel in the hands of the persons that use the door. Once the person using the door uses the handle, they can rub the gel in the hands to sanitize without the need to use water to wash off. There are 21 pressure points on the handle, to make sure that the intelligent gel dispensing unit produces just the right amount of gel with respect to the size of the hand. The gel reservoir is also transparent for the ease of managing the amount of gel in the 1300ml container. The reservoir also contains a reserve, for the benefit of the users in case they are working in the high footfall areas and refill is strained by time. The product has been produced by both pure hold limited in conjunction with National Health Service (Custodio, 2014).2-Market SegmentationMore than 80% of the infections that are transferred from one person to the next are through the hands. Unfortunately, most of the visitors to the medical facilities do no take time to wash their hands. The medical teams are also affected by this habit, making hand transmitted infections very prevalent. The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle can be used in a wide variety of facilities espe...

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