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How do the characters’ names and their description in the List of Characters (“The Players”) affect the audience’s expectations of what will occur in the play?

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Analysis of Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/ underdog


Read the book called Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks(I attached here)then follow Essay prompt below: English 110 Essay #3 Prompt: Essay #3: Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks For Essay#3 you will choose and write on one of the five prompts below. In addition to advancing and supporting a clear argument in response to one of the prompts, Essay #3 must: •Meet the length requirements of 4-5 double-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12 point font (remember that if your essay does not meet the minimum length requirements, it will automatically earn a grade of “F” on the assignment) •Follow MLA formatting and all other guidelines on the Writing Assignment Checklist •Contain a clear, complex thesis statement •Adequately support your arguments with direct quotations from the play (there is no set number of quotations that you must use; by now you should know where you need evidence and how much should be used) •Utilize properly organized body paragraphs •Correctly integrate quotations •Conduct in-depth close reading/textual analysis of your evidence in your body paragraphs •Demonstrate college and transfer-level writing ability and quality •Meaningfully utilize the journal article, “______” •Include a Works Cited page Please note that no research is allowed for this assignment. Prompts (choose one): 1.How do the characters’ names and their description in the List of Characters (“The Players”) affect the audience’s expectations of what will occur in the play? How do the characters’ names affect their own expectations for themselves? How do these expectations (audience and character) relate to each other? 2.Like metafiction, metatheater is a play about theater or performance. Write an essay that supports the following thesis: Suzan-Lori Parks play, Topdog/Underdog, is an example of metatheater. In your essay, make sure that you also explain why this form is an appropriate choice for the delivery of her message. 3.What message/s is Parks trying to send to her audience through this play? What is she trying to show us? 4.Write an essay that supports the following thesis: In Suzan-Lori Parks play, Topdog/Underdog, the three-card Monte hustle that is practiced by the characters functions as a metaphor for how the playwright is playing/hustling the audience. Does Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, Topdog/Underdog, break stereotypes or reinforce them? (You’ll need to choose what social group of people would potential be stereotyped or not.) ****Please follow carefully the Essay # 3 prompt. I need to get \\\"A\\\" grade for this essay to pull my final grade up please and thank you. I need a high grade so bad for this Essay #3 I beg you Sir or Ma`am kindly please help me the best you can. Also please indicate what prompt number you choose to do. I sincerely appreciate it from the heart.

Analysis of Suzan-Lori Parks Topdog/ underdogName:Institution:Analysis of Suzan-Lori Parks` “Topdog/ underdog”Prompt 3: The Message of the PlaySuzan-Lori Park`s play “Topdog/Underdog” is about the live s of two African-American brothers in their early thirties, who gain money from hustling ‘three card` games (Monte). The two brothers, Lincoln and Booth have become rivals of each other, in particular, the younger one (Booth) is very jealous of the elder (Lincoln), as he so bad wants to attain a level of social and economic status his brother once had because of playing ‘Monte`. Booth is discontent with the life they are currently living, he is a common street thief while Lincoln works as Abraham Lincoln`s impersonator in an arcade, where people get to fake assassinating the historical figure for some charge. This is despite him (Lincoln) being a skilled card player of ‘Monte` and a former con artist. The two also share a room in a dilapidated boarding house. All in all, the playwright expresses a message in regards to the pursuit of achievement and success in life by people of minority groups- particularly Blacks in the American Society. The socio-economic situation in the country seems to inhibit and diminish the hopes of such people from finding meaning and success in their lives.Parks` drama is sufficiently eloquent and expressive in depicting the plight of ordinary black people in America, most of who, on a personal level, struggle with palpitating emotions and intense unexpressed anger simply because they fail to find meaning in their lives. The playwright depicts that as a result, this group of people is left to seek gratification in undeveloped ways including engaging in petty crimes and dysfunctional relationships. Booth feels getting a job is associated with the fate of their parents relationship, he indicates that:Like neither of them couldn`t handle it no more. She split than he split. like thuh whole family mortgage bills going to work thing was just too much. And I dont blame them. You don`t see me holding down a steady job. Cause its bullshit and I know it. I seen how it cracked them up and I ain`t going there. (Parks, 1999. p72)The relationship between the two brothers in the play is both complex and interesting. They often argue and insult each other, betray and swindle each other, but still find time to offer each other support, enjoyment and or encouragement. Lincoln even reaches a point of helping hi brother learn a few tricks of playing three card Monte. He explains to him that "There`s 2 parts to throwing thuh cards… Both parts are fairly complicated. Thuh moves and the grooves, thuh talk and thuh walk, the patter and the pitter pat, thuh rap and thuh flap: what yr doing with yr mouth and what yr doing with yr hands" (79). Their parents abandoned them at a young age an...

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