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How did you respond to the case?

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Behavioral Patient Management of Ethical Dilemmas


Topic: Behavioral Patient Management of Ethical Dilemmas Essay Assignment: Write a one page (if you must it can be 1 ½ pages) double spaced reflective essay about the ethical dilemmas you worked on at the recent IDA ethics seminar. Please explain in detail how the ethical dilemmas you addressed in your group or those addressed by another group were effective at providing you with enhanced skills for more effectively communicating with your patients and better patient-centered management. Include in your one page reflection essay an in-text citation peer reviewed journal source (include references) that provides evidence for your assertions and claims made throughout the paper. Answer ALL of the following questions in your reflection: Paragraph 1: (3-4 sentences) 1. Briefly describe in detail an ethical case or two that you worked on while at the IDA ethics seminar (3-4 sentences) Paragraph 2: (4-5 sentences) 2. How did you respond to the case? What was the response(s) of your colleagues? 3. How were you similar or different in your perspectives? Paragraph 3: (3-4 sentences) 4. What did you learn from this case(s) that will assist you in clinic next year with patient-centered communication and patient management? 5. What did you learn from this case(s) that will assist you in your future practice upon graduation? Paper Logistics: Your response must be submitted to us (Steve Dixon, DDS; Stuart Schrader, PhD) as a Word document attached within OnCourse’s T750i Assignment section. • Carefully read ALL of the instructions for the essay so that you fully respond appropriately to ALL 5 QUESTIONS being asked for within the assignment. Number each response. Carefully read the central essay question for all that it is asking. • This essay is worth 10 points. Page format:  1 Page Minimum- 1 ½ page Max  Double spaced  12 point font  One inch margins  Name and date at the top of each page you submit • Include a work cited (reference) page that uses a standardized citation format (e.g., Journal of American Dental Association—supra-script in-text and numbering for references; American Psychological Association, Harvard Style, Vancouver Style, etc.) o You are required to include ONE in-text peer reviewed journal citations. (e.g., According to Smith 1 there are three stages involved in implementing this behavioral science dental communication model: (1) __, (2) ___, and (3) ___). First, Smith suggests that …) o If you are looking for behavioral science sources seek them out in databases such as Medline, OVID, and PubMed (these are medical library search engines). You may also find some sources in ERIC, Academic Search Elite, Health Source and Professional Development Collection My senior partner’s unprofessional demeanor? I am a young dentist in a group practice. The senior dentist in this practice is demeaning to his patients and his staff. He makes rude comments to patients and staff members, Yells at staff member in front of patients, teases patients and staff members inappropriately and , in general, acts totally unprofessionally, I am thinking of terminating my employment, But feel that I have an ethical obligation to the patient and the staff. The main reasons that make me feel that I am ethically obligated to the patients and the staff members is that I can see this senior dentist violating the ethical principles including 1- justice : We have to treat all our patient equitably. 2- Nonmaleficence : do not harm, and I think the senior dentist is harming our patients feeling. 3- Beneficence : do good, and I believe this senior dentist is not doing good when he treats patients and staff in a rude way. The rude dentist is a senior, we all should respect the age at the same time we all need to respect each other and respect our patients. The patients need to feel peaceful in our clinic, that is why we should talk to this senior dentist and ask him humbly to stop acting in this way, and he has to respect the patients and the staff members, and I will try to remind him of the definition of the professionalism which is professions give priority to the well- being and self-determination of the patients they serve. I suggested that we take the senior to a restaurant for a lunge and take to him individually, and tell him what I feel about his actions in a way that I do not threaten him, at the same time I make him feel that everybody is complaining about him and some people might go and complain to the buss. The reason I made this suggestion is that I feel that I should give another chance to this senior, I believe there is some reasons that make him act in this way. Some of my colleagues suggested that we should go directly to the clinic manager and complain to him, some other suggested that we should terminate my employment. Some of my colleagues suggest that we should make a group meeting with him, and address the issues and make decisions as a group. Some other colleagues suggested that we should talk to him and try to address the reasons that make him act like this and try to help him in solving his problems. I learnt from this case that I should not be in rush in making my decisions, specially when I chose my job. I learnt from this case that I should always follow my ethical principles. I learnt that I should improve my communications skills to improve my ability to communicate with my patients and my colleagues, and I need to read more about cases like this one to be able to address issues like this in my future practice and be able to solve them.

Behavioral Patient Management of Ethical DilemmasStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Behavioral Patient Management of Ethical DilemmasThe ethical case that I worked on while at the IDA ethics was about unprofessional demeanor of a senior dentist. His conduct is unprofessional because he makes rude comments not only to patients, but also to staff members. This senior dentist also teases staff members and shouts at them in front of patients. By teasing the patients and being rude to his staff, he infringes the ethical principles of beneficence, non-maleficence and justice.Since patients have to feel peaceful when they are in the clinic, I responded to this case by proposing that my colleagues and I should talk to this senior dentist about his unethical demeanor with the intention of convincing him to alter his unprofessional conduct toward patients and staff. We would let him know that everyone is complaining and we are all negatively affected by his behavi...

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