How did conducting the research for the social issue in this project affect you?"

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Skin Cancer Project: How did Conducting the Research for the Social Issue in this Project Affect You?


this in social marketing class. i got one project that is related with skin cancer.(read attach file) read our project after that you should write Essay #1"How did conducting the research for the social issue in this project affect you?"

Reflective Essay Instructions

A reflective essay reflects your insights, opinion, or observation about an event or experience. The essay is normally about a personal experience, how it impacted you, and what you learned from it. It is a personal account of what you think, feel, and do during and after that experience.

Like other types of essays, it should have an introduction (thesis statement), body, and conclusion (judgment and summary). Also, you need evidence to support your claims by discussing the textbook, class and client discussion, your specific activities, etc.  Unlike other essays, it must be in your own words and describe your own thoughts, feelings, and responses.  Your thoughts, feelings, and responses should connect with what you learned.  You will write two reflective essays this semester. 

Specifications: 12 point font, 300-500 words, 1½ line spacing, make it fit on one page by adjusting the margins if needed.  A hard copy is due in class on the due date shown in the Course Outline. 

You will answer the following questions in the essays

Essay #1: How did conducting the research for the social issue in this project affect you?

Essay #2: How did working with the client on a real implementation of marketing strategy affect you?

Follow this outline:

  • Introduction – capture the reader’s interest
  • Body - describe
    • your experience
    • its effects on you and other people
    • what you learned from it
    • Conclusion – what insight was gained


Reflective Essay Name Course Instructor Date There is a growing recognition that skin cancer affects more people than previous thoughts, but misunderstandings and lack of information about the condition make it difficult to undertake prevention programs. The project is intended to sensitize people about the dangers of skin care and how to protect themselves. Beliefs and attitudes influence whether people seek medical attention, and with the growing popularity of tan beds, there is a need to be more to sensitize people about the dangers of such choic


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