Jul 25, 2017

How can the preventable risk factors be dealt with?

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Illegal Drug Abuse


Each essay must be at least 500 words and be referenced by at least 2 appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles. Introduction to the issue
o Why is this an important public health issue? o Why is it hard to solve? • Epidemiology
o Who is at risk? •Age group •Gender
•Ethnicity o Stick to US or California
o Give statistics whenever available •Bad–“x is more common among blacks” 
•Good – “x is more common among blacks (36%) than the general population (24%) • Preventable risk factors
o Issues have risk factors just like diseases • Prevention (primary, secondary & tertiary as appropriate)
o How can the preventable risk factors be dealt with? 1. Spelling and grammar do count. Be sure to have multiple members proof-read your projects. 2. References must be included and be in the proper NLM format (see sample essays)


Pertinent features of the issue are missing or incorrect

The epidemiology of the issue is not present or incorrect

The risk factors for the issue are not present or incorrect

Methods for preventing the issue are not present or incorrect

Essay is not organized or unclear. Word choices and grammar are inappropriate or incorrect.

Fewer than 2 peer-reviewed references are provided or are inappropriate. References are not formatted appropriately.

The most pertinent features of the issue are presented based on journal articles

The epidemiology of the issue is described, with some errors or omissions

The important risk factors for the issue are covered appropriately based on journal articles

The most important methods for preventing the issue are covered correctly based on the risk factors. Includes primary, secondary & tertiary prevention as appropriate. Methods are informed by research articles.

Essay is well-organized, concise and clear. Grammatical elements are correct (e.g., spelling, punctuation, syntax).

2-3 appropriate peer-reviewed references are listed and used to inform the essay. References are formatted in NLM style.

The issue is presented in a clear and thorough fashion, with all pertinent features thoroughly informed by journal articles. Controversies regarding issue are included.

The epidemiology of the issue is covered comprehensively, including areas needing further study

The risk factors for the issue are covered comprehensively and based on research articles, including areas needing further study

A comprehensive review of methods for preventing the issue are covered, including areas needing further research.

Essay is written with excellent organization and clarity. All grammatical elements are accurate and help improve understanding and meaning. The report includes relevant examples and straight-forward language that enhances readability.

More than 3 appropriate peer-reviewed references are listed and used to address current research of the issue

Illegal Drug AbuseName:Institution: Illegal drug use in the United States has been on the rise, with more youth developing the habit. By the year 2012, there was an estimated 23.9 million of youngsters aged 12 years and above using illegal drugs. This translates to more than 9.2% of the entire population in the states. In most of the recorded cases, those taking part in the habit usually use illegal drugs or at the same time abuse psychotherapeutic medication such as pain killers. A decade ago, the percentage was below 8.5% but at the current rate, this is set to go higher in the double digits. Since the year 2007 the use of drugs has been quite high and the growth rate of the habits in new users has increased tremendously. This is a trend that is linked to the use of marijuana as the first drug, where users later try out other drugs. The class of psychotherapeutic medication comes in third, with more than 6.8 million users abusing them (McCabe, Morales, Cranford, Delva, McPherson, & Boyd, 2008). Drugs such as cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens (LSD and Ecstasy) remain below 2 million users. However, the methamphetamine has remained quite steady, with more than half a million users in the United States.More than 52% of the drug addicts start at teenage, with more than 7,000 new users every single day. Majority of those that are addicted have also been found to have started with marijuana before progressing on to the harder drugs. The illegal drugs abuse is a crucial part of the American society, given that one can draw tree diagram of all the social ills in the society and connect them to the drugs. Some of the most common consequences of abusing the illegal drugs include accidents, illnesses, poor productivity, crime, domestic violence and lost opportunities. One of the main issues that relates to the public health, is the fact that these drugs are not regulated. This means that th...

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