How can future educational leaders in the Ministry of Education and schools be effectively selected?

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The main document required in support of your application is the transfer report, which you will need to write. Preparing the report is beneficial in that it will give you experience in writing at the appropriate standard and it should form a significant contribution to your thesis. Much of the content of the transfer report could form the first draft of parts of the final thesis, which has to contain sections on the work of other people, methodology, results etc. as does the report.
The content and style of the Transfer Report will inevitably vary from subject to subject, but it should incorporate the following:
a. The aims of your programme as detailed in your original application for registration (Form RD1).
The aim of this study relates to how to identify future leaders in the Ministry of Education and schools in Saudi Arabia to establish a framework for preparation for leadership to equip new leaders with strategies and vision for the future.
b. The aims of the programme leading to MPhil or PhD in the case of a Master’s (by research) candidate, or to PhD, in the case of an MPhil candidate.

1. How can future educational leaders in the Ministry of Education and schools be effectively selected?
2. What characterises effective leadership in the Ministry of Education and schools in Saudi Arabia?
3. What types of preparation for leadership might be effective for the 21st century school in Saudi Arabia?

c. A critical literature review of the findings of other workers in the field of enquiry. For the transfer report you will have to reduce what you have written to fulfil all the criteria and stay within the 5,000-6,000 word limit. You should be able to do this by drawing on all the work you have already done (SUPERVISOR COMMINT ).
d. A full description of the methods and/or methodology used. (Brief section about interview and questioner)
f. Discussion of the work already undertaken and conclusions drawn at this stage of the work. The relative extent of discussion and conclusions will vary considerably from subject to subject. If difficulties are experienced, expert advice should be sought from experienced supervisors in the appropriate field.
g. A full description of the intended further work which, in the case of Master’s degree (by research) will develop your project to MPhil or PhD level, and in the case of transfer from MPhil to PhD.

For the transfer to PhD you must include details of the significant contribution to knowledge which is likely to emerge. This part of the report should be sufficiently detailed to give clear and precise indications of the development of your project and it must be clear how the work proposed becomes MPhil or PhD standard.
You are advised to avoid giving the impressions that you will simply be doing �more of the same� kind of work. You need to identify how your work will develop to the next level. If your DoS has queries about this, they will seek advice from the Departmental or Head of Faculty Research Degrees.
Research projects change. In some research projects it may not be possible to adhere exactly to the research project envisaged at the time of registration. Minor variations are normal and do not present a problem. If, however, there are substantial differences between the original project and the project which has emerged in the course of the development of your research, an explanation should be incorporated in the transfer report. If you are an overseas student undertaking your research in a subject area where you were required to gain an ATAS certificate, you may need to obtain further ATAS clearance if your work has changed substantially from your originally approved project.
Taking account of the requirements specified in (a) to (g) above; the report should normally be between 5,000 and 6,000 words in length.

An abstract, a brief one-page summary of your report, should be included at the front of your transfer report.

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