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Health Counseling

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Health Counseling: HLT-490V


1) Evidence-Based-Practice Proposal (Due in Week 5) a) Prepare an evidence-based-practice proposal for a project whose focus is the resolution of an issue or problem significant to improving patient care. (Patients are conceptualized as individuals, groups, families, or communities.) b) The purpose of this paper is to present the synthesis of existing evidence to answer a clinical question. Each student will select a clinically meaningful question designed to address a problem or issue related to patient care quality. Each student will conduct an in-depth search for the best scientific evidence regarding a recommendation for practice to the clinical question. Recommendations proposed need to be within the scope of the student’s clinical discipline. c) Although recommendations will vary in length depending upon the problem or issue addressed, the paper must be between 4,500 and 5,000 words and formatted in APA style. The cover sheet, abstract, appendixes, and references are not included in the word limit. The final paper should clearly describe the methods used to identify and retrieve the evidence and the rationale for exploring the clinical issue chosen. Clearly articulated recommendations for practice based on research evidence are essential to a successful paper. d) Use section headings for each section component and address responses in narrative form. Sections of the final paper must include all of the components written to date with revisions made, as well as the remaining sections. These sections include: i) title page, ii) abstract, iii) introduction, iv) problem, v) purpose, vi) question, vii) literature review, viii) theory, ix) proposed solution, x) implementation plan, xi) dissemination plan, xii) conclusion/summary, xiii) reference page, and xiv) appendixes, if any. e) Note that an abstract and appendix are not required in the individual assignments, but are expected to be added for the final version of the paper. The paper should be based on the attachment provided.

Grand Canyon University: HLT-490V

Health counselingName:Institution: Health counselingAbstractThe main objective of any health worker in any health institution is to improve the health of the patients and improve the quality of their lives. One way in which this is done is through psychological counseling for patients who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. In this paper, I will be putting forward some recommendations on how this counseling can be offered effectively and the people who are supposed to be given such services. Methods used to identify and retrieve the evidence of this service and the rational for exploring this clinical issue are also described. There is also the implementation plan for this proposal in order to effectively help and improve the quality of life of patients. Psychological counseling is an important part of treatment after the patient has been prescribed some drugs by the doctor. When the patient is discharged from a hospital, he or she may suffer psychological problems, which may result from the experience one faced while at the hospital. Some of the patients come out of the hospital being traumatized because of what they went through. Therefore, counseling is an important component of the healing process of the patient.Introduction Counseling psychology is a specialty in the field of medicine that facilitates both personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span. The main objective of a counseling psychologist is to pay attention to the social, emotional, educational, vocational, developmental, health-related and organizational concerns of an individual. The practice includes a wide range of sensitive practices of the culture that can help people improve their well-being, resolve personal and interpersonal crisis, and improve the ability of a person to function better in his or her life. This is a field that serves persons of all ages and thus it is appropriate for both the children and the adults. All of them require these services especially after release from the hospital. Psychological recovery helps an individual to recover faster in case of an ailment, than a patient who has not been taken through psychological counseling (Sena, et al. 2013). Intervention by these counselors can either be short term or long term depending on the severity of the condition and the willingness of the patient or the person involved. Counseling psychology is not only done to patients, but also to other people who feel or are recommended to undergo it. Most counseling psychology in hospitals and other health clinics are offered to patients who have undergone traumatic events during the period of treatment. Medical treatments are only known to health physical ailments and injuries, but may not be able to deal with mental and emotional pain. An example of patients who are mostly affected by psychological problems and traumas are the rape victims who experience stigmatization. This affects their social, emotional and cognitive development, whic...

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