Jul 24, 2017

Has the change been for the better or for the worse?

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Change of a Public Place


TOPIC: A public place you know well has been changed by time or by human beings. Has the change been for the better or for the worse? Tips: Examples: the park where you used to play has been replaced by a number of buildings; your old school has been renovated. Has the change been for the better or for the worse? Guidelines •In the introduction, introduce the place and mention briefly some memories of it. •In the thesis statement, state whether the change has been good or bad. •In each body paragraph compare one aspect of the change to what it was before and show how the change is good/bad. •Address the counter argument: what do those who disagree with you think? Do not get too cozy with the essay. Some students spend many sentences expressing their nostalgia and their disappointment that a place they loved so much has changed. This is too personal. Remember that the essay is about the place, not about you, and that whether it has changed for better or for worse is in the general meaning, not in the personal meaning. Write your essays from your own observations and life experience, but not from your expertise in a specific field. Do not base your writing on what you have read. Keep in mind that if you provide in-depth or expert content, the reader will question your authority on the topic and will want to check the information out, which means that you will have to provide sources. This will take the paper to a research paper level with all the complexities of research. Keep it simple. Many essays fail although the writing is very well organized and developed and their language is adequate. The reason of their failure is that they are not on topic. An essay that is not on topic will not get credit. Please read the topic carefully several times. \Make sure you know what it is about and what it is not about.

Name:Instructor:Course:Date: Change of a Public PlaceThe environment of the park nearby always brought serenity in every individual privileged to visit. I had known the park while growing up since it was an iconic spot for our nearby residents, as well as people from far. The beauty of nature was reflected in the park by breathtaking trees, flowers and grass that covered the surface, providing a nice environment for amusement. I still remember how my parents and those of other children in the neighborhood would take us every weekend to have fun, playing all sorts of games. We also would occasionally be engaged in planting and cultivating the trees in the park. The place started changing when a restaurant was built inside the park, with the excuse of convenience to the people around. After ten years, the entire place was filled with buildings, a change that brought negative impacts on both the environment and people.The beautiful scenery that once existed in the park faded gradually as more buildings were constructed. The park had trees that provided such a calm environment for meditation, the flowers that most people from both near and far came to see, due to the difference in varieties and intriguing colors. Most lovers would find it fit to come here for picnic and relaxation, rather than go to clubs and restaurants. The grass planted to cover the ground surface was soothing to both human beings as well as other organisms that depend on such. The replacement of the park with buildings has made the surrounding less preferable to the residents and has even caused some people to shift to more welcoming environments. The removal of trees that brought about peaceful wind and the grass that prevent...

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