Handling Industrial Economic Issues

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Handling Industrial Economic Issues

thank you for guiding me.

Need help in putting together a project (see below and attached).

1) Research Questions
Industrial democracies like the US, Britain, and Japan are facing a dual challenge: Mounting government deficit and national debt that has reached a crisis level and an economy that is flat in growth despite huge inflow of stimulus money that acerbated that debt problem. What must be done to deal with the challenge as a nation?
In this project you are asked to answer four questions:
Examine how serious the challenge is;
1. Conduct an informal survey to find out how the public view this problem and what their preferred solutions are;
2. Study the lessons of Britain and japan in their efforts to deal with the challenge;
3. Write a report to the President of the US to outline what you think we, as a nation, should do to avoid a deepening of the crisis and revive the economy.
2) A step-by-step Plan
This research project involves four steps:
a) Read the basic material(posted on blackboard and online) and develop three charts to show the scope of the challenges the US is facing (a) federal deficit and projection (b) national debt and projection and(c) economic growth and employment rate from 2008-2011;
b) Design a questionnaire (that must have at least 8 substantive questions) to find out 1) how much is the public informed of the problem and 2) what they want to do about them
c) Use the questionnaire and three chart you developed to conduct an informal survey to at least ten different people (respondents);
d) Incorporate the findings of the survey and write a 7-8 pages (does not include the three charts and the questionnaire itself) policy memo. The policy memo should include
- A statement (1 page) of your take of the challenge this nation is facing ( if there is a crisis, if so, how serious, urgency for action, etc.);
- A summary (2-3 pages) of your survey (to whom and in what fashion), and a synopsis of responses you received from the survey and explain in what ways the results of the survey agreed with your expectations or surprised you;
- A briefly discussion (2 pages) of the lessons one can learn from efforts by Britian and Japan to deal with mounting budget deficit crisis;
- A memo to Obama (2 pages) outlining what you think the US government should do in dealing with the problem and why; listing at least three recommendations of you would have done if you were in charge.

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