Jul 01, 2017

Google Strategic Management Team Project, Functional Strategy at Google

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The Business: Google Strategic Management Team Project, Functional Strategy at Google


HI, This is a team project on analyzing Google and its strategic management. 
attached will be the overview of the project and the Google`s case. 
I want this essay to only focus on 
four sections: What strategy do YOU SUGGEST they follow (strategy formulation), implementing the strategy, evaluation and control/ quantitative analysis.
This is what is needed for these sections:
What strategy do YOU SUGGEST they follow (strategy formulation)?
Functional Strategy: core competency, distinctive competency, etc.
Business Strategy: low-cost, differentiation, focus, etc.
Corporate Strategy: growth, stability, retrenchment, etc. – what is their `corporate strategy` (if they are a multi-business enterprise)? And what does their portfolio look like (e.g., BCG -- Boston Consulting Group; GE Matrix, Corporate Parenting)? Which areas do they want to grow, which do they want to keep stable, and which do they want to scale back from (retrench)
Implementing the strategy
How would you do it, what changes are needed, discuss challenges, tradeoffs, etc.
Evaluation and Control
How would you control it (once you have implemented it)
Quantitative Analysis (financials, etc.)
With the quantitative analysis you will need current data and implement the balance sheet, income statement, company news and articles. compare contrast the numbers from the time of the case till now. 
Please be very detail and precise for these sections. 


Google Strategic Management Team Project Name: Institution: Course: Date: Functional strategy at Google Core Competencies Google is the largest among the search engine companies in the world with revenues spanning billions of dollars (The Business Ferret, 2012). To get the world status Google has concentrated on the few competencies that could produce the best results. Among the main competencies that the company has managed to streamline is the Google search. The company has maintained the highest market share relative to the rest of the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Aol, Ask and Baidu (Schwartz, 2015). The company has enjoyed this level of dominance over the desktop platform and has also managed to maintain this level of dominance over the mobile platform. With the largest number of searches being carried over the mobile platform, the company has managed to maintain the high level of dominance, with over 78% percent while yahoo comes in second with 5%. The Google search is currently the most used search engine, attracting more than a billion searches on a daily basis across the world. To make sure that the company is able to handle the massive traffic on their servers, the company invests in the state of the art servers that are able to handle the massive load. Using PageRank relative to the ranking algorithm, the users are able to get the most relevant result of the search in the fastest way possible (Schwartz, 2015). This means that the compa...

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