Jul 29, 2017

Functions of Management - STRO SLP

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Functions of Management - STRO SLP

Assignment Please select an organization or company that you know very well. It is highly recommended that you choose the organization you work for or one you`ve worked for in the past as these are the organizations you know the best. But you are free to choose any organization as long as it A) is not one of the organizations discussed in any of case assigment this session, and B) it is an organization that you can find detailed information about their use of the four functions of management. For this assigment write a 2-3 page summary explaining how your organization uses the four functions of management, of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. As a reminder: Planning During this process, organizations develop visions, goals, and objectives. They select strategies to reach their vision and meet goals and objectives. Organizing During this stage, organizations select organization design and structures that enable them to implement strategies. Leading This process refers to leadership, meaning the styles leaders use to fulfill their functions. Controlling This process monitors if strategies are on track and deadlines are met. Please make sure to study the Background Materials. Apply the functions of management to facts about your organization. Support your statements with facts. Please do your best to format your essay according to APA formatting requirements. Here is a good information source to help you with that: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Please use the Paper Format, for all SLPS: There is an Introduction (providing a roadmap to the paper), A Main Body with subsections (one subsection per question), Conclusions (summary) and a List of References. Please use titles and headings per each section and subsection! The recommended Outline: Format Please remember that a paper has an Introduction (road map of main points), Main Body (subsections where each main point is developed and argued), Conclusions (summary of main points of the paper), List References. Please use headings and titles. Introduction Main Body: Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Conclusions List of References! Smithfield Packing Co is the the company that i want the paper on
Functions of ManagementName:Institution: The basic functions of management were born of an idea from a French director called Henri Fayol back in the year 1916. In his book ‘Administration Industrielle et Generale`, Henri set forth the functions that he felt were management`s core and can be applied in any of the industry that exist. Originally, the functions were five, but over the years management experts and authors have condensed them to the four that are commonly used today, namely planning, leading, organising and controlling. Staffing is the fifth function that was scrapped (Buzzle, 2013). Planning is one of the key pillars that management stands on, at the Smithfield Packing that I work with and many other firms, it is the foundation of what is, and that which is expected to be in the future. As such, it requires the administration, to assess the current status of the firm with relevance to the outside forces and then forges into place the desired path. Planning dictates the path that the firm takes in the future, with close regard to the goals and objectives that have been set forth. As such this function is unending as different goals are set every time to suit the short and long-term goals of the organisation as part of the strategic planning. One of the planning aspects that stand out at the Smithfield Packing is the preparation of the SWOT analysis (Smithfield, 2013). This is usually the first step when the facility`s board is making plans. In order to ascertain that the plans, the goals and objectives that have been set in place, are in line with...

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