Fog and Air Pollution

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Fog and Air Pollution

Fog and Air Pollution

Smog and Air Pollution Description

Air pollution is caused by activities like burning coal and fossil oils, driving vehicles, and manufacturing chemicals. These activities lead to emission of particles and gasses that pollute the air. High concentration of these particles and gases cause harm to the environment and human beings (Benfield, Terris & Vorsanger, 2011). The added compounds in the air cause smog and acidic rain. Smog is the combination of primary and secondary air pollutants, which makes the air turn yellow or brown. Smog is more common in urban areas and is intensified by amongst other factors the occurrence of thermal inversion. The pollutant particles in the air remain in the atmosphere for a long period and are mainly carried by winds to other regions.

The metro Atlanta region in USA features in the non-attainment areas for the fine particles and ground-level ozone (smog) pollutants regulated by Clean Air Act (Strickland et al., 2009). In 2011, the American Lung Association ranked this region 23rd most ozone-polluted city amongst 277 metropolitan areas in USA. In the same year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America named it the “Asthma Capital”. In 2009, the Forbes Magazine named Metro Atlanta Region the most toxic city in USA (Levy, 2009). Mainly, vehicles that move within the Atlanta and the electric plants that use coal for generating energy cause the air pollution in this region (Bullard, 2012). The air pollution in this region has high effect on the state of livelihood of area residents.

The Role of Human Beings in the Problem

Human being acts as a fulcrum around which the greater percentage of the air pollution revolves. Human actions that result in air pollution include deforestation and clearing the land for farming, heavy industrial activities, and burning of fossils fuels (Wright, & Boorse, 2014). Use of insecticides, herbicides and alteration of the balanced ecological lead to pollution of the air.

In metro Atlanta region, the major cause of air pollution and smog is emission from the vehicles (Ellis-Lamkins, 2011). In 2012, U.S. Public Interest Research Group ranked this region 2nd amongst the most………………..

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