Financial Plan Preparation

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Financial Plan Preparation

Note: the Company selected for question 1 is TD Capital Trust. (TDD.M)

1. Regarding the company you selected

a. describe what business your company operates in.

b. evaluate your company and its prospects, in light of current economic conditions. You should:
• identify the business cycle phase you think Canada is in. Justify your answer by citing economic statistics and/or expert opinion.
• identify the business cycle phase you think this company is in. Does this company, or the industry within which the company operates, have a business cycle that follows the general economy or not? What is your evidence?
c. describe a political, social, and economic trend that might affect the success of your company in the long term. How will these trends affect your company?

This section should not exceed three pages—double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and font no smaller than 12 pt. List your sources of information on a separate page. Be certain you provide the name of the company, together with the Web site address (if useful).

2. A distant relative has heard that you are taking an investment course. They know that you might be a little short of money so they have offered to lend you $100,000. They have told you that you should not use this money to pay off debts or make lifestyle purchases (e.g., house, car, vacation, RRSP contributions). They want to see how you will invest the money. This relative has also told you that there are no strings attached to the money, other than the need to show them a well-developed plan. However your relative is eccentric, and, depending on how you progress towards your goals, they may decide to: a) give you the $100,000; b) let you keep the increase in value; or c) ask you to return the $100,000 if you have mismatched your objectives and investment strategy.

a. Prepare a brief financial plan for yourself. Include a net worth statement, an annual income statement, analysis of life cycle, and a statement of short- and long-term goals. This plan should be based on your current circumstances, so you may need to track your expenses for at least a month.

b. Briefly outline your investment objectives. Provide justification for any purchases you will be making in order to establish the portfolio. You should take into account the financial plan you have prepared.

Your plan and list of objectives should not exceed four pages—double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and font no smaller than 12 pt. List your sources of information on a separate page.

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