Jul 27, 2017

Facebook and Twitter

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Facebook and Twitter


In a Compare/Contrast essay, you must do exactly what the description of the essay says, i.e., compare or contrast two items, evaluating their resemblances and differences. In addition to giving you yet another opportunity to practice – and, thus, improve – your writing, the Compare / Contrast essay sharpens your critical thinking skills as well as your understanding of the events and things you compare. You can choose from any of the following topics—but, remember, this essay requires relevant source material to support your points. •Online learning vs. face-to-face learning •The life of a dog vs. the life of a cat •iPhone vs. another smartphone •An active student vs. a passive student •A female friend vs. a male friend •Facebook vs. Twitter •Being an employee vs. being self-employed •Terrorist vs. freedom fighter •Celebrity influence vs. parental influence •Credit cards vs. paying cash •Texting vs. calling •Books vs. e-books •Roman Empire vs. United States The specifics: •Remember that in this type of essay you are not expected to draw a conclusion as to which is better – this would be an argument paper – but, rather, let the reader draw his or her own conclusions based on the information offered, i.e., research, statistics, quotes, etc. •You must use at least three outside resources, with correct APA or MLA formatting for in-text citations and a References or Works Cited page. •The length is 1,000 – 1,250 words, double-spaced.

Compare and contrast Facebook and TwitterNameUniversityDateCompare and contrast Facebook and TwitterTwitter and Facebook are the most popular social networking sites in the world. Social network users believe that Facebook is for connecting with schoolmates while Twitter is for connecting with role models. The establishment of social networking has become more prevalent in the society. Social media allows people to stay connected with their friends and families. By September 2013, Facebook stood as the world’s largest social networking site (Dannen & White, 2011). Twitter, founded in 2006 two years after Facebook, celebrates over 500 million active users, while Facebook has about a billion active users. Both Facebook and Twitter are considered important economic and social characteristics of particular people. While Facebook allows for updating bios, photos and other information about people, Twitter provides for only a single picture and very limited information about an individual. Facebook and Twitter have contrasting consumer bases. Facebook serves a multi-purpose function as a social networking platform which allows users to post photos, chat, and play games. On the other hand, Twitter allows users to post notes or tweets of up to 140 characters (Krall, 2010).Headquartered in the United States’ Menlo Park, California, Facebook is an online networking site operated and owned by Facebook, Inc. it was launched in 2004 February. As of 2013 Septembe...

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