Explain where this project (attached) fits on the continuum of short-term, small-scale and long-term, large-scale changes.

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of Explain where this project (attached) fits on the continuum of short-term, small-scale and long-term, large-scale changes. in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 79. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

A. Explain where this project (attached) fits on the continuum of short-term, small-scale and long-term, large-scale changes.

b. Select an appropriate change model (or change models) for the project.

c. Develop a plan to address the human critical success factors for the project.

d. Recommend measures to monitor th human change elements of the project.

e. Prepare contingency strategies for managing resistance to the changes you are proposed in the project.


Business Requirements Analysis for Herff Jones
Harry Herff and Randal Jones founded Herff Jones in 1920 as a small class ring manufacturer. Herff Jones is an employee owned company and has the third largest photography division in the United States with over 4,000 employees. Today, Herff Jones products include: Metals and Awards, Yearbooks, Diplomas and Graduation Announcements, School Photography, Graduation Caps and Gowns, and Maps and Globes. Throughout the divisions of Herff Jones, each area is specialized in helping teachers teach and students learn in many curriculum areas-social studies, science, journalism, and photography.
Herff Jones Photography Company decided to move from film to digital photography in 2004, which meant consolidating its business into one facility that allows the company to better utilize its resources. Herff Jones has over 85 years of quality production utilizing traditional film techniques. The advancement of digital technology also presents Herff Jones the opportunity to expand into product lines through ventures in scanners, filmless cameras, and online ordering of products. In the progression of computer technology, there are opportunities for greater efficiencies at imaging facilities through the use of computer systems, software, scanners, and printers. The focus is on the photography division of Herff Jones.

In order for Herff Jones to gain competitive advantage over their competition, the company is in a position where it must improve their technology. One way of improving technology is to enhance the companies existing website by including online catalog sales to their customers. Not only does Herff Jones need to implement online catalog sales, but also features for self-service or use of real-time customer support. Herff Jones competitors do not offer online ordering of digital photography prints but they are very close to implementing this system. Herff Jones began converging from film to digital in 2004 and is now in the process of implementing a new website to be finished by January 1, 2006.
Herff Jones plans to also enhance their website to show real-time inventory available for sale and customer order status. Herff Jones is not only going to provide families photo images, but also picture frames, photo mats, memory items to go along with their photos, and keepsake items.
Enhancing Existing Website
Electronic customer relationships are becoming increasingly important to remain competitive. Herff Jones has decided to develop relationships in order to improve customer service and satisfaction, personalize service, optimize marketing, and improve customer relations by providing easier systems for the customer. Herff Jones also wants to reduce customer service costs through "self-service" features such as search functions and order delivery status and to grow profitability by analyzing customer information to optimize marketing efforts.
Information received by Herff Jones is going to be used for several purposes:
? Customer service: Whichever medium the customer uses, sales and service personnel can quickly identify the individual`s essential background information such as location, recent purchases, account history, and payment status.
? Self-service: Customers can track web-based electronic systems to track their own orders and find answers to their questions.
? Customer analysis: Companies use customer information and purchases to guide marketing and the company`s purchases.
Herff Jones began investigating the possibilities of digital online ordering in July of 2004. The company had to determine how they were going to offer different products online. Herff Jones has contemplated on how important it is for the customer to see and feel the real product, especially family photos or their child`s senior portraits, which are once in a lifetime memories.
Herff Jones had also assessed their competition to see if they have already tapped into this market. Lifetouch, which is Herff Jones main competitor had gone to digital implementation but was and is still not offering those images online. Herff Jones will reach that milestone before the competition, hoping for completion of the website by January 1, 2006.
Herff Jones also battled with whether the website would be developed in-house or outsourced.
Herff Jones did not feel that the company had adequate expertise on staff so they outsourced for the development and enhancement of the website. The difficulty in developing the website is creating and implementing new features, whereas in-house employees will focus on day-to-day operations by updating the site, processing orders, and addressing any problems that may occur. When the outsourced agency began to create content for the website, they knew it had to be concise and user-friendly. In designing the website together, the focus was also on the benefits of Herff Jones products and services. The more clear and concise the website is, the more answers it will already include for the customer and will give them confidence in their purchases. Herff Jones is also including a how-to-order section outlining the ordering process for customers with all enclosed shipping, processing, and return policies. A frequently asked question section will also be included to help with customer inquiries.
Herff Jones also wants to enhance its website to show real-time inventory available for sale and customer order status. HJ Pro Digital is a link where photographers and customers can order portraits and if the order is in by noon, the order gets shipped out by 5:00 pm that same day. HJ Pro Digital is an easy to use, economical system, which uses a desktop Java application. Images are imported directly into the software for cropping and ordering.
Another application that is going to be introduced by Herff Jones on their website is Image 21.

Image 21 is where film and digital photographers and customers can use Herff Jones` full-service product line to order color corrected prints with services like retouching, personalized wallets (which Herff Jones competitors cannot do), and custom items. Photographers and customers can order Image 21 products and services through ProShots or ROES software (HJPro.com).
ProShots is a digital workflow that will save time by posting images to an individual Internet storefront for family members to view images. ProShots also allows the customer to purchase directly online, post a slideshow for family members to view, and add captions or comments. There is a 20% coupon for new users, which makes this a nice client-pleasing feature.
ROES DP2 Server is integrated with Kodak DP2 software and
processes Herff Jones client`s orders automatically (softworksroes.com).
"The server finds the DP2 layout file referenced to the clients
order, applies the crop generated from the clients order, and
creates DP2 order items and jobs, as if a user had manually
entered them into DP2. An added benefit of the ROES DP2
Server is the creation of order reports and emails, which are
flexible, macro driven, and easily set up to be in plain text or
HTML. Order completion emails are optionally sent to
customers when their order is completed, so customers know
their orders have entered the system. Schema 6 POF files are
created for seamless integration into billing systems.

Once a ROES Client order is processed by the ROES DP2 Server,
the lab need only color correct and print. Locations for order
reports, completed order files, order images, and POF files are
all configurable, allowing the Server to integrate into a current
internal network. The automation of the ROES DP2 Server
combined with the ease-of-use of the ROES Client creates not
only a powerful order entry system from studio to lab, but an
excellent front end for DP2 within a lab" (softworksroes.com).
Herff Jones uses "retro" software applications called Image Submission Software, which allows studios to send TIF and JPEG files for direct digital output. "This software also allows customers to send digital camera files in to order I-poofs for use in Herff Jones` Image 21:KPSL system" (hjpro.com).
There will also be a link for Herff Jones Shooting Stars program, which will be designed for sports photos, memorymates, preschool photography, dance groups, leagues, and other structured organizations. There will also be personalized digital products such as trading cards, magazine covers, and calendars as well as traditional products for specific markets (hjpro.com). Customers will also be able to click on this link to place their order.
Herff Jones feels that it is very important their website show real-time inventory and customer order status. Herff Jones has purchased InQuiero, which is an Internet enabled remote support solution designed especially for the use by support departments to offer enhanced remote assistance for customers and employees. There is no prior software needed.
There will be a live contact button on Herff Jones website for the customer to click on. The customer is then sent to a support staff member immediately or when a line becomes open. There are three ways for the customer to communicate with a support staff member. The customer can communicate by chat, voice over IP, or video conferencing. The support staff member has a remote control that will allow the employee to take over the customer`s computer for any help with retouching, cropping, or any other questions the customer needs help with. There are 256 bits AS encrypted that does not allow any unauthorized access (hjpro.com).
Herff Jones is not going to implement this with the initial opening of their enhanced products, services, and website. The goal of this implementation is January 1, 2008.
Some of the features that the enhanced website will include are:
? Real time inventory catalog to help with managing inventory of availability and quantity in stock.
? Product/item management to add or delete items.
? Thumbnail creation and large image display can be displayed as part of the full product description.
? Wholesale/retail and volume pricing options.
? Integrated shopping cart for items to be purchased by customer for later checkouts.
? On-line payment processing.
? Order status/tracking system enabling changes to be made with orders and notifying customers of progress with their order.
? Sales tax and shipping options.
? Promotional codes that allow discounts when customers checkout.
? Sales statistics that can be broken down daily.
? Secure remote access with standard server encryption.
Critical Analysis
The biggest barriers to e-business today come from customers. Herff Jones needs to address some concerns that customers might have in regards to the features, uses, and benefits of the enhanced website:
? Will customers accept the fact that their photos are online and that they cannot physically touch them?
? Are customer`s needs and expectations met?
? Is the website easy to maneuver through even for someone who does not know how to operate a computer?
? People tend to not trust the security and online ordering. Does the website make it clear to the customer how secure the website is?
? People may feel that there is no easy way to pay other than by credit card.
? Do the benefits of ordering online outweigh the time it takes to place an order from a local photography studio?
Herff Jones needs to be very active and not passive when receiving feedback from their customers.
The company needs to evaluate those concerns immediately and find corrections and not be blinded by the company`s own biases.
Use Case
A use case for online catalog ordering for Senior portraits would include the following steps: (1) customer logs onto HJPro.com, (2) customer clicks on the Image 21 link on the main menu of HJPro.com, (3) the students senior images populate for the customer to view, (4) once the customer puts in the Senior portrait sitting number, an integrated shopping cart will keep a collection of items to be purchased by the customer for later checkouts, (5) from there, the customer can click on the color correction button and change the colors in the picture and can also change the photo to a black and white or Sepia color photo, (6) customer can then click on the retouching button and remove any blemishes, shadows, or birthmarks, (7) customer can then click on the personalize button and put a name or nickname on the senior portrait, (8) customer can then click on custom items to choose odd shaped pictures, portfolios, and other items, (9) customer can then click on the keepsake item button which takes him/her to online catalog ordering of key chains, mugs, photo albums, frames, and many other items, (10) when the customer is finished with his/her order, the integrated shopping cart totals up the customers purchase including tax and shipping costs, (11) customer then pays for the purchase using a credit card and the order is sent to the lab and processed immediately, (12) if the order is in by noon, then it is shipped out the same day by 5:00 pm, otherwise it will be shipped out the next business day.
Potential Challenge
There are times when websites are down due to maintenance, software, and other issues that may arise. Customers take time out of their schedule to spend awhile in viewing and purchasing photos. If the website is down for whatever reason, it may discourage them from possibly not ordering pictures at all. There may be times when senior students sitting number has been entered incorrectly. When that sitting number is used to view a certain senior image then it could take the customer a long time in finding out where the correct senior images are.
Use Case
A use case including use of real-time customer support and real-time inventory available for sale would include online catalog sales but would also include the following steps: (1) if the customer has a question there will be a live contact button through InQuiero that will send the customer directly to a support staff member, (2) there are three ways the customer can talk to a support staff member, chat, voice over IP, and video conferencing, (3) support staff has a remote control that will allow the employee to take over the customers computer for any help with retouching, cropping, or any other questions the customer needs help with.
Potential Challenge
If a customer has a question on the Herff Jones website, they will eventually be able to speak to a support staff member.
When the customer clicks on the live contact button and as soon as a support staff member is free, the customer can then discuss any questions. There are times when customers have to wait up to ten minutes. This could leave customers upset with their online shopping experience. There are times when people are too busy to take the time and order online and with color correction, retouching, and specialty items, it may be too complicated for the customer. If the customer has to receive additional help from a support staff member, it could get too time consumer for the customer.
In order for Herff Jones to gain competitive advantage over their competition, the company is in a position where it must improve their technology. Herff Jones is in the process of enhancing the companies website by including online catalog sales to their customers and also features for self-service or use of real-time customer support. Herff Jones competitors do not offer online ordering of digital photography prints but they are very close to implementing this system. The most successful web-based businesses usually have a specific niche serving untapped markets, so it is essential for Herff Jones to be the leader of online ordering and real-time customer support (bdc.com).
Herff Jones enhanced website is about 60% completed. The company is now in the performing stage. Prior to the completion of the website, in-house employees will be trained on troubleshooting of the website. A person from each region within the United States will also be trained in troubleshooting making the enhanced website run smoothly.
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