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Explain two methods used to measure microbial growth.

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Physical and chemical control of growth and viability


In the module 3 case assignment you will explore bacterial growth and methods used to measure the growth of microbes. After you have read the information in the background readings and home page you should prepare a paper addressing the topics below: 1. Discuss the four phases of the bacterial growth curve. 2. Explain two methods used to measure microbial growth. 3. Discuss two methods used to control microbial growth. The book Antibacterial Agents: Chemistry, Mode of Action, Mechansims of Resistance and Clinical Applications on your ebrary bookshelf will be an important place to begin your research on this topic. Your assignment is due by the Monday following the end of this Module. Please upload your case assignment. Case Assignment Expectations Length: Case Assignment Module assignments should be at least 2-4 pages (400-800 words) in length.

Physical and chemical control of growth and viabilityNameUniversityDatePhysical and chemical control of growth and viabilityPhases of the bacterial growth curveBacterial growth entails four different phases. 1 The lag phase: at this stage, the bacteria adapt to the conditions of growth. This is when the bacteria mature; however, they are not able to divide at this stage. In the lag phase, the synthesis of enzymes, RNA, and other molecules takes place (Kimura, 2008) 2 The log phase: this phase is also referred to as the exponential phase, logarithmic phase. It is characterized by doubling of cells. Doubling of cells continues at a constant rate when the growth is unlimited. Therefore, both the rate of the population increase and the number of cells doubles with every period of a consecutive time. A straight line is produced when natural cell number logarithms are plotted against time. The slope is the specific rate of growth, a measure of per cell division per unit time. Conditions of growth determine the actual growth rate, and affect the cell division frequency and the survival probability of the daughter cells. However, the exponential growth is unable to indefinitely continue because the medium is enriched with wastes and depleted of nutrients in a short while (Anderson, 2012). ...

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