Explain in detail whether racial inequalities really mean discrimination?

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Rapid Fire Psychology Questions

Rapid Fire Psychology Questions


Explain in detail whether racial inequalities really mean discrimination?

Brief responce

No it does not.

Racial inequalities are as a result of an individual belonging to a certain cultural background. It is the society that dictates how individuals of a culture perceive the other from another.

Discrimination is relative and depends on an individual and not on what the whole society believes in.


The major link between the brain and the glandular system is the?

Brief ans

The hypothalamus, the small fore-brain structure involved in regulating eating, drinking, and sex; directing the endocrine system; and monitoring emotion, stress,


Your friend is planning a long trip overseas and does not want to throw off his sleep cycle. You might warn him to stay away from over-the-counter supplements containing ________ that supposedly help reduce jet lag, because they have not been shown to be effective.


What is avoidance avoidance conflict vs approach avoidance conflict?

avoidance avoidance conflict: psychological conflict that results when a choice must be made between two undesirable alternatives

Approach-avoidance conflict: occurs when an individual is faced with a decision to pursue or avoid something that has advantages and disadvantages.


Describe the necessary qualities of a counselor. What are the myths about counseling, and how do they affect a counselor?

Brief ans

necessary qualities of a counselor.

  • be patient. a person who does not get angry quick as there are many different types of patients

    should be a good listener. listening itself is a therapy for people who just want to talk their problems to help them solve them.

    should be knowledgeable in the discipline of psychology about how to handle patients.

    should be a good motivator especially when consoling or giving advice to patients.

    there are several myths.

    The fact that I’ve had counseling may hurt me in job, residency or graduate school applications.FACT: Counseling records are kept separately from academic records and are protected by law.

    Seeking counseling is a sign of weakness.FACTIt takes courage to explore sensitive feelings and painful experiences.

    Counseling is only for people with serious emotional problems.FACTSeeing a counselor does not mean that you are mentally ill or “crazy.”

    such myths are bad to counselors as not many people are willing to approach counselors to ask for help. they are bad for business.

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