E-Shopping and E-Business

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E-Shopping and E-Business

1) As Marketing Director of your company, you have been given a budget of $10 million dollars to spend on Internet Advertising. How would you spread this money out across Paid Listings, Pay per Click, Paid Inclusion, and Search Engine Optimization? What reasoning did you utilize to make this distribution?

2) You are starting an on-line business which sells children`s books and your business falls into the "Brand Follower" category. You decide to hook customers into your website initially based on price. Now that you have hooked your customers in, present three (3) ways you intend to interest that shopper in returning to your website in the future.

3) Following is a list of businesses or industry`s that you may not traditionally think of as an e-business. From the list below, pick an industry (by circling it) and describe three (3) ways in which they might utilize a web site to supplement/enhance the value that they currently offer to their customers through a traditional business setting. In each of your 3 solutions, indicate if you feel it is an e-business or an e-commerce solution and explain why you feel that way.

- High School Academic Tutoring - Convenience Store Chain
- Sporting Goods Retailer - Tax Return Preparation Service
- After School Child Care - Family Medical Care
- Plant Nursery - Roofing Company

4) What are some of the pros and cons of patients living in the United States being able to order prescription drugs from companies residing outside the U.S.? Should this industry be regulated? If so, by whom (remember this trade crosses traditional national border jurisdictions)?

5) "Cookies" are small files that are written to your hard drive from web sites so they can identify you as a repeat visitor as well as for storing user and preference data. From the end-user`s perspective, what are some of the benefits as well as areas of concern with the use of this type of technology?

6) Should sales taxes on goods and services sold over the Internet be based on the location of the buyer or the seller (remember, it is possible the two may not reside within the same country)?

7) What existing regulatory body/organization should govern quality and customer complaint issues for goods and services sold over the Internet?

8) Describe 2 revenue models you could utilize if you owned an on-line radio station.

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