Jul 24, 2017

Do you agree with what Woolf wrote?

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Response to A Room of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf


"A Room of One`s Own" Essay. Virginia Woolf writes, “Life for both sexes is a perpetual struggle. It calls for gigantic courage and strength. It calls for confidence in oneself” (36) To write a work of genius is almost always a feat of prodigious difficulty and is not a task for the servile. Although male writers labored under economic pressures as well, they usually faced only indifference rather than the organized oppression directed against women. “Literature is impoverished beyond our counting by the doors that have been shut upon women.” (83) Do you agree with what Woolf wrote? Give examples from "A Room of One`s Own," and from that of other women artists or writers that you have learned about.

Response to “A Room of One`s Own” by Virginia WoolfName:Institution:Response to “A Room of One`s Own” by Virginia WoolfVirginia Woolf, in ‘A Room of One`s Own` (1929), strives to indicate the significance of allowing women to exercise their artistic literary talents as well as men by not overburdening them with perceived roles they stereotypically hold as lesser persons in society. In her writing, the renowned author emphasizes the need for hard-working input to be realized and applied in literary works of talent by both sexes on an equal basis. It is understood that women throughout history have had lesser rights and opportunities than men. Over time, being a wife and mother has been regarded as a woman`s most significant vocation. This paper aims to emphasize the reality in Woolf`s writings that disprove the conventional ideology of depriving women sufficient opportunities and rights to express their talents on a socio-economic platform while overburdening them with traditional roles of family care giving, hence denying them the ‘room` they require; a “shut up on women”.It is no doubt that Virginia Woolf`s works of literature from the Victorian era are highly distinguished and renowned. Still, it is important to note that the role of women in the society at the time was characterized by relatively less opportunities compared to their male counterparts, especially in terms of education. “A room of One`s Own” categorically indicates the evident aggravation that was rampant at the time. Woolf strives to elaborate the conventional social tendencies of the time that forced women to be submissive and passive in action as far as communal and formal matters were involved. This paper fully agrees with sentiments put forward by Woolf in the mentioned essay.In a figurative sense, women have over time not been able to enjoy ‘rooms` of their own, resulting in emotional and mental isolation or withdrawals, despite them playing vital roles of tending to their families. This was an aspect of more weight in England compared to places like America, where women took up responsibilities to support the cause of independence and even fought alongside men.Woolf embraces the idea that female authors were faced with more serious challenges of a social perspective compared to their male counterparts. The society emphasized the role of women as domestic caregivers; in fact, it was illegal for a woman to own property at the time. In addition, they were not allowed to vote, ideologies of which their essence Woolf was right to challenge. She in effect went a step further to offer fellow women writers` advice regarding how they would fight for better rights. In ‘A Room of One`s Own`, she maintains that women ought not to be restricted by social boundaries of the past...

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