DMAIC Control

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DMAIC Control

Take a look at For the Control Phase in the Case Study, use the following Criteria 9 and 10 to analyze the case. See attachment for more details.

9. Improvement Sustained Over Time

Oftentimes, the impressive improvements attained over the course of a project cannot be sustained in the long run due to a failure to manage change effectively. Successful projects result in improvements that can be sustained in the long run.

Low - Three months after completion of the project, process performance has dropped significantly. The data suggests that either the changes introduced by the team have not been adopted by the organization or the team has failed to address the true root cause.

Medium - Three months after completion of the project, some of the initial improvements have not been maintained. While overall the process performance is significantly better compared to the baseline of the project, the data seems to suggest that not all of the changes have been adopted by the organization.

High - Three months after completion of the project, process performance has stabilized. The results have been sustained over the entire time span, and it is evident that the changes have been adopted by the organization. The process owner is actively engaged in managing the new process and is driving continuous improvement efforts to extend the benefits already attained.

10. Replication of Results

Projects are often scoped so that they can be completed within a relatively short period of time which in turn leads to concentrating on one specific aspect of the overall issue. While this approach is prudent it also suggests that once the initial project is completed there is often a significant opportunity to replicate the results in other areas. An effective team realized the potential for replication and ensures that a proper plan is in place to replicate the results.

Low - The review of the project suggests that the team has not conducted a thorough analysis of whether and how the results of this project could be replicated.

Medium - The team has identified opportunities for replicating the results of the original projects but does not have a comprehensive plan that suggests how the organization can make this happen.

High - The team has developed a thorough plan that not only shows how the improvements could be replicated but also who will be involved. Individual team members have reached out to other areas and obtained a commitment of the respective leaders to implement the suggestions. A change management plan has been put in place to prevent the "not invented here" syndrome.

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