Jul 28, 2017

Digestive system

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Digestive system


Describe the anatomy of the digestive system. -Discuss the function of chief, parietal, enteroendocrine and mucous cells. Be sure to discuss any secretions released by these cells.

The Digestive SystemName:Institution:Date:The human digestive structure is one of the largest and most advanced structures in the human body. It consists of a series of glands and organs that processes food and is uniquely designed to perform a particular role of turning food into energy that human beings require to stay alive and also packaging the remains for removal. The digestive system is basically a long, twisting pipe that starts from the mouth (entrance) to the anus (exit) as well as a few other organs (such as pancreas and liver) that produce digestive substances.The digestive tract begins from the mouth; this is where digestion starts when we eat. Saliva mixes with food and begins breaking it down for it to be easily absorbed by your body. The esophagus which is located in the throat receives food from the mouth and through peristalsis (a sequence of muscular contractions) it transports food to the stomach. The cells found in the stomach lining exude acid and powerful enzymes accountable for the food breakdown process. After stomach contents are processed adequately, they are passed into the small intestine. The small intesti...

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