Aug 10, 2017

Developmental Curriculum Paper #2

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Developmental Curriculum Paper

I ONLY NEED THE OUTLINE DONE FOR THIS: Your final assignment for ECE315 will be to develop curriculum content that implements strategies and methods that enhance language acquisition. Select a specific developmental level for your unit of study. In a narrative format, you will identify and discuss the topic areas listed below, referencing your textbook and three additional scholarly resources. 1. Grade or developmental level being addressed 2. Strategies and methods 3. The theoretical perspective you will use to support your choices 4. The curriculum content you will be using to incorporate your chosen strategies and methods 5. Modifications for students learning a second language and for students with special needs This information will be complied into an effective lesson plan format that could be used to instruct a group of students in the age and curriculum content area you have identified. The completed project must be 6-8 pages in length (including the actual lesson plans) and comprehensive enough that an instructor would be able to utilize this in an actual classroom. THE OUTLINE MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Review the Final Paper instructions in Week Five of the course (see above). Submit an outline containing the following: 1. Introduction, including the grade or developmental level being addressed. 2. Description of the strategies and methods you will be presenting in your final project. 3. Identification of the theoretical perspective you will use to support your curriculum content. 4. Explanation of the curriculum content you will be using to incorporate your chosen methods. 5. Discussion of modifications for students learning a second language and for students with special needs. 6. Three additional scholarly resources, in addition to the text. Your resources need to be formatted using current APA style guidelines.
Developmental Curriculum PaperName:Course:Professor Name:(August 09, 2012).Developmental Curriculum PaperDevelopmental curriculum aims at cultivating creative, confident, self directed thinkers and independent learners. Research indicates that each child is unique, resourceful, capable and highly competent depending on the environment (Otto, 2010). Children learn at different rate and time. Developmental curriculum offers children with varied and rich learning experiences in accordance with promoting language, social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. It has been observed that children often make connections with their areas of interests, cultivating motivation and a sense of belonging in the participation models (Cherry, 2012). Effective teachers are characterized with abilities of identifying areas of learning that motivate children. This is backed by the child`s progress in difficult experiences an...

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