Develop a Selection Plan to fulfill the staffing needs based on the previous week’s recruitment plan. The job description you previously completed may provide the information needed to determine the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other char

This paper concentrates on the primary theme of Develop a Selection Plan to fulfill the staffing needs based on the previous week’s recruitment plan. The job description you previously completed may provide the information needed to determine the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other char in which you have to explain and evaluate its intricate aspects in detail. In addition to this, this paper has been reviewed and purchased by most of the students hence; it has been rated 4.8 points on the scale of 5 points. Besides, the price of this paper starts from £ 79. For more details and full access to the paper, please refer to the site.

Human Resources

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Recruitment Plan

            The recruitment process in any organization is a critical function and one that must be managed with extreme importance.  As such, Patton-Fuller community hospital will need to pay special attention to this area as it begins to fill 20 nursing positions.  Even though the nature of the vacant positions place a risk of compliance with laws and regulations, a recruiting plan is time sensitive and requires consideration because involves creative and aggressive strategies for successful identification of the best talent and highly qualified applicants. This paper will analyze staffing needs, select a recruitment strategy, create recruiting tools, and suggest an action plan to address within the recruitment plan.

Identify staffing needs due to the company’s new strategic direction.

            The goal to position itself as a national leader in pediatric care requires recruiting professionals with precise knowledge and abilities to provide services to children families. Identifying the appropriate staffing needs for the new pediatric wing at Patton-Fuller Community hospital is crucial the extent of care needed.  Construction of a new pediatric wing requires staffing additions to the current workforce. To maintain the strategic plans priorities of enhancing the patient experience, improve performance, and discovering new treatments; the HR staffing team must effectively employ the best candidates. In addition to the 20 nurses specializing in pediatric care, the hospital board members must also consider the following positions for the new pediatric wing: (a) Director of Nursing, (b) Chief Pediatric Officer, (c) Pediatricians, (d) Therapists in different fields, (e) Family care specialists, (f) Pediatrics social workers, and (g) various researchers who will concentrate on discovering new treatments.

Recruitment strategy for optimal results

The Healthcare Virtual Organization, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will become the national leader in pediatric care.  The hospital’s strategic plan encompasses three priorities:  enhancing the patient experience, discovering new treatments, and improving performance, and participation in a wonderful learning experience (University of Phoenix, 2011).  Additionally, there are plans for a new pediatric wing where a staff specializing in pediatric care may treat patients.  New members can work any shift and become certified through company paid education. 

The company will offer a sign-in bonus and an increase in pay to staff members who complete certification classes and pass examinations for licensing. The recruitment strategy will attract nurses because it offers a diverse plan and a variety of working shifts. Certifications by company paid education, paid bonuses, and an increase in pay are all factors that will attract people to become a nurse.  With today’s economy, it is a great opportunity for anyone who would be interested in becoming a nurse. 

Recruitment tools

Immediate Openings for 20 Nurses Specializing in Pediatric Care

Location: Phoenix

Phone: 440-999-1234

Salary: $35k to $55k

Occupation Type: Pediatric Nurse

Position Type:  Full-time

Job Description

Imagine yourself in a hospital where patients depend on you to promote health and help manage patient’s medical conditions.  A place where your excellent bedside manner and clinical experience will make a difference every day. 

As a full-time nurse working in a brand new pediatric wing of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, working to be a national leader in pediatric care, your days will be fast paced and rewarding.

The ideal candidates will poses:

  • LPN or RN license
  • Ability to assess patient’s condition
  • Ability to gather important information from the patients and patient’s parents
  • Ability to administer medications, change dressings, and give vaccines
  • Must have excellent verbal communication and accurate documentation skills.
  • Ability to work long hours under extreme pressures.


Full benefits package available including, medical, dental, visions, 401(k), disability, and tuition assistance.

For consideration please submit resumes by e-mail to [email protected]


            By creating an eye catching help wanted ad and an effective job description the recruiting team at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will surely be set up for success.  To make operative use of the four thousand dollar recruiting budget it would be best to place ads on the jobs-boards and attend a job fair.  CareerBuilder is a superior recruiting tool because the website is well known with job seekers and will provide exposure for the organization and the open positions.  CareerBuilder also has a built in tool to assist in the screening and management of candidates.  Posting ads on CareerBuilder start at $419 per post and pricing decreases with increased posting volume (CareerBuilder, n.d.).  It will also be beneficially to the recruiting team to place ads on websites that specifically target health care professionals.  The cost for these posts on healthcarejobs.org is less expensive starting at $99 per job post (Healthcarejobs.org Inc., 2009).  Reserving a booth at the career fair put on by Expo Events in July specifically targeting health care professionals will be the main recruiting event to fill the open positions.  According to Expo Experts (2011), also included in the booth price is, “four weeks of extensive advertising in The Arizona Republic. Many ads will run throughout the paper to attract active and passive jobseekers” (Current Schedule, para. 3).  With the additional advertising, a searchable database of nursing candidate resumes and pre-screening to eliminate unqualified candidates makes the $2485 fee a great value (Expo Experts, 2011). The recruiting team will be allocating around three thousand dollars to place ads on the job-boards and the entrance fee for the job fair, the remaining one thousand dollars can be used for giveaways and literature for candidates at the job fair.  Placing ads on the jobs-boards and attending the job fair focusing on healthcare professionals will assist the recruiting team in meeting their goals. 

            To stay within the Affirmative Action Program regulations for hiring and promotions established by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)  the hospital will “update job descriptions and ensure their accuracy, actively participate in job fairs, and include minorities and women in the recruitment brochures” (Heneman & Judge, 2009, p. 251). The hospital must conduct formal briefing sessions for current representatives from the hospital recruiting sources and establish specific standards regarding the recruiting parameters.  These sources in turn will assist the hospital with the implementation and completion of the recruitment plan. Moreover, females predominantly make up the nursing field however; there is a need for other minority representation in the hospital’s workforce. Another alternative to add to the recruitment plan is a referral program, although it may cause difficulties for some of the competitors because it can raise issues if they perceive the approach as soliciting the health care professional’s services. Finally, according to Heneman and Judge (2009), the healthcare industry will experience a growth by 2014 and the hospital can benefit of this growth by expanding the help wanted advertising to include women and minority news media. The media is powerful source of recruitment, especially in the health care field were the unemployment rate is typically low. The low unemployment rate in the field may hinder the hospital’s ability to fill every position in a timely manner and the recruitment sources are an alternative to this issue. Technological changes are a convenient way to reach out to the market and avoid potential conflict because of the indirect approach; however, when using media as a source to deliver the message to the candidates, it is important a direct and targeted approach. Health care magazines, TV channels or publications can be an expensive approach; however, the need to fill the positions and possible difficulties achieving this goal can justify the cost.

            In conclusion, the HR team at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has identified the need for 20 pediatric nurses and additional management positions to achieve the company’s new strategic goals.  Internal and external recruiting strategies will be used to fill the positions, including employee referrals, posting to job boards, and attending job fairs.  The organization also used several actions in the recruiting strategy to remain in compliance with the Affirmative Action Program regulations.  An effective recruitment plan is essential for the HR team to meet the strategic goals of the hospital.








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 I need assistance with the below, please.


Develop a Selection Plan to fulfill the staffing needs based on the previous week’s recruitment plan. The job description you previously completed may provide the information needed to determine the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics for filling the staffing needs.

Write a plan using 700 to 1,050 words addressing the following items:


o   Discuss three methods of employment testing. Identify which methods of assessment are used for the selection process and explain why these methods are needed for the selection process.

o   Determine whether you plan to conduct a situational- or experienced-based interview and provide your reasoning for interview process selected. Develop 10 questions for the interview process you selected.



·         Fill in the Selection Plan Worksheet by completing the required KSAO categories; use the job description you completed earlier in the course.


·         Explain which of the major knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics are required for the selection process.


·         Explain the legal regulations that must be followed regarding the American Disabilities Act (ADA), references and background checks, as well as the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.



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