Jul 25, 2017

Desiree`s Baby

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Desiree`s Baby


1. According to the critic Wai-chee Dimock, the racial injustice in "Desiree`s Baby" is "only a necessary background against which Chopin stages her dramatic irony... The injustice here is not the injustice of racial oppression but the injustice of a wrongly attributed racial identity." Agree with this interpretation of the story.

Name:Instructor:Course:Date:DESIREE`S BABYThe story “Desiree`s Baby” by Kate Chopin is surrounded by numerous issues. The themes discussed in the story include isolation, the concept of love, racial prejudice, violence, as well as identity. Among the mentioned themes, racial prejudice has been brought out in a controversial way. Some critics like Wai-chee Dimock strongly believe that the injustice portrayed is contrary to the one caused by racial oppression; instead, it could have been the injustice of a racial identity that was wrongly attributed (Madden & Frank, 12). This observation is quite agreeable based on a number of considerations.The most likely suggestion that an individual would get when reading on the story would be that Desiree might have died due to racial injustice. This can be pointed out at the instance where Armand comes into picture because the story narrates that he exiles her together with their child at their home. This happened as Armand reasons that the child might have received the curse that has a brand of slavery. The consideration of this part of the story might bring the suggestion that Desiree must have faced racial injustice which goes to extremes of death. However, this argument can be very disagreeable because injustice elaborated here seem to take a broader angle. Evidently, the main reason as to why Armand rejects his wife and child in the story was when their child starts to show some signs of mixed ancestry, which he thinks must have been derived from the wife`s unknown ancestors (Chopin, 23). The fact that the ancestry of the wife remained unknown to him must have been a bother. He seems to value identity and even though he is portrayed as a racist where he seem to have a lot of co...

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