Jul 23, 2017

Depression and Ernest Hemingway

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Depression and Ernest Hemingway


Abnormal psychology (PSY 235) research paper About Depression and alcoholism Looking at Ernest Hemingway 6 Pages Double spaced APA Format 4-6 sources: Recommended The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5) Scholarly articles Ect. Paper Layout: Title Page 3/4 page Intro 3 1/2 pages main topic 3/4 conclusion

Depression and Ernest HemingwayName:InstitutionDepression and Ernest HemingwaysErnest Hemingway was regarded as the Shakespeare of the 21st century, and his mastery in literature was beyond what the common person could comprehend. His command of the literature world made him stand out from the rest. His contribution to the field was a fete that only he could achieve. However, with this great story of his life was the darker, deep world he was living alone. He had been born in a family with a history of mood disorders, alcoholism, and it turned him into an individual that could not be helped. This past played an important role in his literature but so did it in his personal life. Ernest was a disoriented man and through his work it was clear he was depressed and disturbed person. The stories and novels he wrote revealed he had bipolar disorder, was an alcoholic and his brain was subjected to traumatic injuries (Waldhorn, 2002). This essay is intended to analyze the relationship between his depression and alcoholism and their comorbidities and how they affected his life.Human growth and development is essential as one moves from childhood to adulthood. However, numerous factors determine good or healthy growth of any human being. Reflecting on a literal point of view, it is worth noting that such factors take account of internal and external aspects. Most importantly, these factors can be easily controlled during our growth in order to achieve success in life or live longer without stress. To the contrary, if such factors are not well managed, they result to life and one living in a depressed life. It is worth examining the early life of Ernest in order to understand how such factors destroyed his marriage, career, and life. Ernest as a child was described as being anxious when it came to his relation with others. He was always a person filled with fear and depression primarily was part of his life way back at a tender age. From his childhood, it is clear that Ernest had a disturbing background when he was growing up. His mother dressed him as a girl and addressed him as her doll while his sister was dressed in boyish cloths. Even though she stopped the practice after he had reached age six, the damage had already been done, and he was angry with her and life (Martin, 2002). Having been a sensitive kid, the effect it had on him made Ernest detest his mother and later on in life his friend would reveal that he talked badly of his mother. His friend could later affirm that Ernest was the only person he actually knew who really had true hatred towards his mother.The misfortunes did not end there as Ernest father had a history of being harsh and ruthless disciplinarian. Whenever he got the chance, his father would beat him mercilessly, and he seemed to enjoy it. This had a very bad effect on Ernest as he grew up (Tyler, 2001). He became paranoid of the figure that his father represented in his life. Just like other victims of depression, he was alway...

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