Jul 23, 2017

Data Networking Essay

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Data Networking Essay


You`ll remember that we`re using a common basic format for the Project assignments in all Modules.

Specifically, for the Session Long Project for this Module, you are to review:

http://www.itprc.com/ "The Information Technology Professional`s Resource Center was created in March of 1999 to provide a one-stop-shop for IT professionals to find technical information relating to data networking. In addition to providing links to a vast collection of networking related information available on the Internet, the ITPRC provides links to career management information and forums for IT professionals to interact."You should do the following:

  • Look over the range of articles and other resources linked there.
  • Follow up links that interest you. In general, become familiar with its contents.
  • Pay special attention on the subject of this module and learn as much as you can.
  • Look over the career links. Anything interest you? Any interesting themes there?

Then write your 3 to 4 pages review (not counting the cover page). The general format valid for such reviews in ALL your SLPs is:

  • short summary description of its structure, purpose, pros and cons
  • comprehensive discussion on what you learn from this website regarding the subject of this module (at least half of your write-up should be devoted to this discussion). You can choose to provide a general review, or focus on one theme of your most interest.
  • links that you find helpful to follow up
  • why you will or will not find it a useful addition to your professional resources list
  • any other things about the site that you find salient and worth noting to others
  • bottom-line evaluation of its value to you in this program 
Data NetworkingName:Institution: Data networking relates to the aspects of having electronic communication processes, transmitted from one point to the next in the most orderly and efficient manner. It also means that the data can be stored and retrieve later efficiently and safely from plying persons (Wise Geek, 2014). In today’s daily processes, there is a lot of data that is generated per minute from the various firms in the world. The data surge in the current times is due to the fact that most of the firms are now using the internet and other forms of networking to store their data. Some of the companies and firms use the internet to acquire data and store on the cloud servers. This is also referred to the public networks, where much of the traffic is within the public networking frame work. Other companies and firms use their own networks free from the internet to store data and retrieve it later (Itprc.com, 2014). Such are called the private networks that use the virtual private network frame work. There is also a third group that combines the two to have the best of integration in their data systems. As such, the data networking is a field that quite large and of late most of the students and professionals alike are getting interested in the field as a career. Professionals and the professional rely on sound information from different sources to build on their knowledge in the field. The Information Technology Professional’s Resource Center is one such Resource.This is a website that was created in the year 1999, with the objective of giving the professionals and the students in the networking field a full update and view of the field material, that they can rely on. The website also hosts a number of other links to websites and material that the professionals can build on, around the internet (Wise Geek, 2014). At the same time, those looking for material on the various paths that they can use and strategies that would be most valuable to their career m...

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