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Hello.. This is a construction management class. So this assignment is about a project. I need you to write a 3 pages report about my part and what i am going to do. I posted a file called (Guidelines, Format and Directions for a Project and Proposal-1). I’m doing part 2 which is (Organization and Staffing) and part 11 which is (Communication). I also posted a file called ( Organization and Staffing (My work)) this is what i’ve done for part 2 so far so you can use it (Paraphrase it or write whatever you think is right). I also posted a 2 files for previous works for part 11 the files called (Communication (Previous Work)), so you can get an idea of what it should look like and what to include. I also posted a file called (Overview of project) just in case, it might help you while doing part (2 and 11). Please let me know if you have any question. Thank you!


Guidelines and Milestones

Guidelines (read below) and Milestones (in the next page) Contact your group members. Select a group leader (a person who will be responsible for organizing action items in the group and make sure that the project is completed by its due date). For your term project you will need to set up a hypothetical project within a project area assigned to your group (see Titanium for the specific assignment for your group). Prepare one page proposal telling what, when and how will be done in order to get the project completed by its due date. This part is due by one week after project assignment. To keep everything organized, list 10-15 major design/construction activities for your project and develop your project around those activities. Your overall schedule should cover the milestones listed on the 2nd page. The course outline provides the elements that you need to incorporate/consider in between the milestone items listed. As a starting point I would suggest to select the delivery method and the contractual type of your choice (think both as owner and contractor). You should limit your work to maximum 15 pages. The sections should be proportional and be about 1 to 1.5 pages (milestones list in combination with course outline). You can slightly deviate in between the section lengths, but not in the total number of pages. Use font 12, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, single or double depending on the amount of information you want to include. If you have nothing to say/add for the space left for given section do not include random items or discussion as filler. Although, I am sure if you are doing a good job you will not have extra space left and will need to use the provided space efficiently. The grading will be based on the quality of submitted work by each section. Grade is also subject to change based in compliance to above requirements. You will need to prepare a reasonable schedule for your project (CPM) and do all necessary calculations. For your calculations you can have an appendix (which will be reviewed only if there is no clear explanation or details in the main document). I will only check the appendix in order to give you at least a partial credit for your efforts if the material in the main body of the project is not clear or accurate. If obvious errors and mistakes are present in the main body of your project the appendix will not be checked for that issue. It is expected that the material in the main body is a result of extensive computations that you may want to include as appendix; therefore if the mistake is identified in the main document it will indicate incorrect computation that does not need to be reviewed. Submission will be electronic on Titanium and as a hard copy before the presentation. You will need to upload one PDF document (your project), one Power Point Presentation file (the one that you will use for your presentation), and if needed one Word/Excel file as an appendix. If you have calculations in the appendix section then excel file for appendix is the required format. Guidelines and Milestones

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