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Conflict Studies

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Conflict Studies


Hi ! First of all, select the topic and have it approved by me through messages. 1.Write an essay on the topic of your choice. Must have this book!!If you have this book than you have good topic and thesis, you can choose some topic from the book and of course realted to some conflicts.(community conflict, international conflict etc.)what you are familiar with it. Rioux, Jean-Francois and Vern Neufeld Redekop. 2013. Introduction to Conflict Studies: Emirical, Theoretical, and Ethical Dimensions. Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Please read the instruction it`s important!!! And please give me the topic and the question before you start to write the essay.WRITING EXPECTATIONS:Within the first two paragraphs there will be a thesis statement or question that will be addressed. This will be followed by a description of how it will be addressed—normally one sentence about each section.There will be clear links made between the sections. The Conclusion will offer a brief summary and make a statement about the significance of the findings. I will upload the instruction with deatails. I did scan the chapter 12 so maybe you can use it its a good chapter. but again if you see soemthin eles from teh book what you are familiar and you have good topic let me know. Half of the cahpter send it by mail to teh support.

SurnameLecturerCourseDateCommunity conflict and conflict resolutionThe word conflict has been derived from the Latin word ‘Confligere’; which means to Strike or attack altogether. The free online dictionary defines conflict as a state of open, often prolonged fighting, a state of disharmony between incompatible persons. The Oxford Dictionary defines conflict as a serious disagreement or argument, prolonged armed struggle, Regional conflicts on the other hand is defined as a state of mind in which a person experiences a clash of opposing feelings or needs (Freancois 2013, & Vern 2013, 20-21). The principles remain the same. This paper seeks to discuss the concept of community conflict and conflict resolution.In the advent of different conflicts arising from border conflicts to the ideological conflicts, several initiatives have been implemented to be able to curb any possible conflicts that may lead to adverse effect to the general population. This has seen so many ideologies coming up on the best strategies to implement in case of a conflict to come up with a solution. Hence, in the body of this paper the discussion of some of the possible conflicts and the possible solutions that have been implemented to mitigate such will be discussed.Many at times when conflicts are being resolved, many people as well as bodies employ different strategies. The most recent that is taking toll of many countries, organization as well as community to be able to resolve their problem is the employment of pluralist diplomacy (Caterino 2006, 34-35). Rioux (2013) states that, “diplomacy evolved rapidly and increased substantially in scope; the classic model was also superseded by a new paradigm that we can label pluralist diplomacy.”A common element found in all definitions of community conflict is the divergent goals and interest of two actors or parties who resort to various means in pursuit of achieving their objectives. In conflict there is no a balance or equilibrium, of powers. It is not a stable resultant because there is the pushing and pulling, the giving and taking, the process of trying to find balance between the powers. In every society there are bound to be differences of opinion on all important matters. The differences can be due to person and collective reason. When competitive individuals or groups consciously try to defeat or subordinate each other in an effort to achieve certain objectives, conflict comes into existence. There are various objects of conflict, these are: power, status, property, and other desired values in a particular culture (Dana 2001, 21-22).The issue of conflict resolution in the past used look into war and peace issues, currently expertise in dispute resolution has mutated into several areas of social science such as trade, money, and investment; foreign assistance; scientific and cultural co-operation; technical standards and norms; and tourism and student exchanges. It is also evident that th...

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