Jul 25, 2017

Conducting A Job Search

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Conducting A Job Search (HRUnitVIII-1 of 2)


Identify four situations in a career where conducting a job search would be necessary. Describe what your job campaign would consist of. APA Guidelines are to be used for your in-text citations and sources.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:

1.    Explain the symptoms and consequences of stress, including burnout.

2.    Describe personality factors and job factors that contribute to stress.

3.    Formulate ways to reduce procrastination.

4.    Identify attitudes and values that will enhance our productivity.

5.    Identify work habits and skills that will enhance your productivity.

6.    Determine new insights into conducting a job search, including writing cover letters, preparing a resume, and being interviewed.

7.    Describe the difference between a vertical and a horizontal career path.

8.    Identify career-enhancing strategies and tactics.

Written Lecture

Unit VIII encompasses ways to help people manage their work lives better by managing stress and being more productive. The unit also deals with the nature of stress and how it can be managed, whereas the second half describes various approaches to improving personal productivity.

A major challenge facing any worker who wants to stay healthy and have good interpersonal relationships is to effectively manage stress. Stress is an adaptive response that is the consequence of any action, situation, or event that places special demands on a person. A stressor is the external or internal force that brings about the stress. Individual differences help determine which events are stressful. Note that stress is additive, so little annoyances can mount up. Symptoms and consequences of stress are explained in this unit.

Individual factors and job or organizational factors both contribute to stress. Personality factors influence susceptibility to stressors. Factors addressed in this unit are personality factors predisposing people toward stress, low perceived control, low self-efficacy, type "A" behavior, and negative affectivity.

Almost any job situation can act as a stressor for some employees, but not necessarily for others. Yet some stressors are frequently encountered, for example, role overload (including extreme jobs), role conflict and role ambiguity, adverse environmental conditions, environmentally induced attention deficit disorder, and job insecurity.

Not managing stress properly can lead to harmful long-term consequences. Managing stress refers to controlling it and making it a constructive force in your life. A key principle stress-management principle is that you are less likely to experience distress if you have the right resources, including the right personality characteristics and a support network. Coping with, or managing, stress includes hundreds of activities with substantial individual differences in which technique is effective.

Conducting A Job SearchName:Institution:CONDUCTING A JOB SEARCHConducting a triumphant job search is an important issue in every career person’s experience. The successfulness of the job search is usually determined by the good interpersonal skills. Moreover, performing a job search is considered as one of the aspects of career success. The enormous majority of employees perform a job campaign at a number of times in their career and this includes an internal search at an individual’s employer firm (Levitt& Harwood, 2008). A number of situations in a career may contribute to a job search necessity, which would consist of several items.One of the situations that may cause an individual to start a job search is if the current employer or company is experiencing finan...

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