Jul 24, 2017

Compare Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Listing what they have in common with each other and also what differ between them.

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Abrahamic Religions


Compare Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Listing what they have in common with each other and also what differ between them.

Name:Tutor:Course:Date:Abrahamic ReligionsAbrahamic Religions are all religious groups that can trace their origin from one spiritual source; Abraham. They collectively believe in the spiritual tradition identified with Abraham. Three of the major Abrahamic Religions include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The fact that they all trace and believe they originated from Abraham as the founding father, means there exists some similarities among them. However, it is worth noting that their eventual separations and adoption of different beliefs led to growing differences and rifts among them. This article critically compares Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and this is achieved through listing what they have in common as well as ways in which they differ. The existing similarities among Christianity, Islam, and Judaism include the following: Monotheism, which is the belief in one God though, they all identify Him with different names (Burrell 12). All these religions hold on to the belief that God is the Creator, manifests himself through His prophets, has love for mankind, instills discipline and offers forgiveness for those who ask for it. Although they believe in one God, all of them identify Him with a different name. In Islam, they identify Him as Allah, Christianity as Yahweh or The Holy Trinity and Judaism identify Him as Yahweh or Elohim. Christianity has some bit of similarities to Judaism as it is considered as an earlier section of Judaism.All the three Religions believe in the existence of prophets whom God reveals himself to, for the conveying of His message. Both Islam and Christianity recognize Jesus and Moses as God’s prophets but Islam also recognizes Mohammed. Judaism only believes in Moses as a prophet, but does not recognize either Jesus or Mohammed. However, it is recorded that they view Jesus as an important figure, but not the messiah (Peterson 21). Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses are believed to be the central and final prophets in Christianity, Islam and Judaism respectively. They are highly respected in their respective religions and both Islam and Christianity believe in the holy birth of Jesus. However, the Islamic religion does not believe that Jesus died because of crucifixion. In that sense, believers of Islamic religion have a common understanding that Jesus ascended into heaven during crucifixion. The three main Abrahamic religions also believe in holy books that they believe God inspired the prophets to write. In Christianity, it is known as the Bible, in Islam as The Quran and in Judaism as the Tanakh, which is similar to the Old Testament in the Bible (Spurway 48)...

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