Communications and audience analysis

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Communications and audience analysis

I need some assistance in approx 1000 words, here you will create three communications (one for each of the cases). You will be creating the actual texts of the messages to resolve the issues identified in each of the cases. The messages must be directed to the receivers. The messages you create should be comprehensive and incorporate strategies that you feel would best create the most effective messages to your audiences. Please use the audience analysis preparation that is at the bottom. As you are writing the actual message you will send to your audiences, ask yourself the following questions:

Does each message meet the objective I have established?
Will my message satisfy the criteria for success I have established?
Does the format of the message fit with the channel I propose to deliver my message?
Did I incorporate strategies and concepts in the development of my message? (i.e. did you structure your message in a particular way that illustrates persuasion?)
Did I tailor my message to my audience(s) and consider the attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge of my audience?
Does my message have the best tone for my audience?
Is my message structured in a way that my non-verbal communication will match?

Part 2 of Assignment, please identify the concepts and strategies you used in your message development and why you made those choices (instead of others). This is where you analyze your communication decisions - the what, where, when, why and hows.


Source: Myself as the ATT customer
Receiver: ATT customer service supervisor, who represents a large fortune 500 company.
Situation: I requested to have my number ported from ATT to T-Mobile, without having to purchase a new SIM card, but the process is taking much longer than I was quoted.
Problem: The customer service knowledge on how to correctly port a number is limited. I am constantly being transferred to different departments.
Feelings: Frustrated, drained, angry, impatient

Fantasy: Can you successfully port my number at the end of our conversation without transferring me to numerous departments? You can be more "brutal" than you are being here - the point of the fantasy statement is to vent your frustration and be direct... you want to make it the statement you`d "REALLY" like to say, but won`t actually say to your audience... this is rather tame if you`re that frustrated! 
Statement: This process shouldn`t be this complicated; if number porting is done as frequently as your customer agents have stated why am I constantly being transferred. If this isn`t resolved soon, I am going to move all my accounts from ATT. Be careful with your first comment - this could invoke a defensive response from whoever you`re dealing with - and will impact your ability to be successful in accomplishing your goal....

Source: Myself as a postal customer
Receiver: Postal Supervisor who manages a post office with approximately 30 postal clerks who are responsible for the problem.
Situation: I requested to have my books delivered in time for the start of school, the post office made a delivery attempt and left a notice on my door. I called for them to re-deliver the package on my day off but they never showed up. The following day, I called the post office and the automated system confirmed my package was at the office, therefore I went to the post office after work only to be told it wasn`t in the office but out for delivery. I went home expecting the package, which my grandma said wasn`t delivered.
Problem: Poor tracking, lack of communication, poor team work (I assume on the post-office`s part?)
Feelings: Fed up, frustrated, confused, annoyed

Fantasy: Someone could actually track where the package is so that I could either request redelivery or pick up at the post office without the run around. ?? Who would you be making this statement to? Is it meant to be a hypothetical?
Statement: The postal manager stated he would call me back with further information on my package.

Source: Myself as the Command Fitness Leader responsible for ensuring military members maintain the Navy fitness standards
Receiver: 45 Fitness Enhancement Personnel (FEP)
Situation: FEP members have fallen out of prescribed Navy fitness standards and risk being separated
Problem: Working hours, types of foods sold at the command, poor eating habits and selections, not enough exercise or the opportunity or the opportunity for?
Feelings: Tired, overworked, preachy, frustrated, concerned, useless (who or what is useless here?) Be sure to be descriptive)

Fantasy: If only can I get them to not just work out but also to eat healthier, like eating more fibers, avoiding the sugary beverages and replacing it with water. You want to make this more of a statement... again, be very direct so you can hone in on what it is you would really like to say .... And where your frustrations really lie.
Statement: At the beginning of this 24 wk course, our goal is to get you back in shape and back to work. In order to accomplish this goal, you will have to do your part; in addition to, working out 3x per wk with me, I also expect you to hit the gym, the two other days we are not working together. I also expect you to use the nutritional guides I gave you and stick with the program. Working out isn`t easy; it will take hard work and determination on your part to meet these goals. This is good - but you always want to remember the nugget of "what`s in it for me" when you`re communicating with your audience... why should they WANT to do this? What can they get from it?

--------Concepts & Strategies Guidelines--------
Audience analysis

Before: During my initial encounter with the representative, I most likely came across as calm, simply trying to get the issue resolved.
After: Afterwards, the representative may have felt I was verbally abusive
Before: The representative knows that customer satisfaction is paramount; in addition the SIM transfer should be seamless for the customer.
After: They should realize that, that number porting from a traditional cell phone company to a VOIP company such as VONAGE or from VOIP to VOIP is easy but whenever you port a VOIP number over to a cell phone company, the transfer process isn`t as seamless as the companies have stated
Before: the service representative kept repeating the same sentence over and over again until I hung up, not capable of offering a logical explanation to solve this issue.
After: I would like to see service representatives who are capable of understanding customer complaints and respond logical
Objectives: Simply to switch phone service from a VOIP provider to a cell phone company. Most often you can switch telephone service providers within the same geographic area and keep your existing phone number. However, if you are moving from one geographic area to another, you may not be able to take your number with you. In addition to switching from one wireless company to another, in most cases, you will be able to switch from a wire-line company to a wireless company or from a wireless company to a wire-line company, and still keep your phone number.

Relationship/Number/Medium: com rel / dyadic / oral
Before: the postal representative employee mostly may have realized the frustration of being giving the run around and how upset I was at mot having a real answer as to why my package was missing.
After: Afterwards I would like them to take this seriously, be more understanding and figure out how the package was misplaced
Before: The postal representative knows that there were two delivery attempts, the customer had called to have them hold the pack at the postal station, but somehow, when the customer came to pick it up, the package was placed on the truck for delivery.
After: In the end, the postal representative should realize that there was a breakdown in their tracking system, poor communication amongst themselves and exhibiting a nonchalant attitude only makes the customer more frustrated.
Before: I got the apparent feeling that the employees were neither unmotivated, nor reactionary and was just waiting for the day to end and go home
After: This issue is still not resolved, but I was able to speak to a manager who has promised to contact me about this issue, which I a step in the right direction.
Objectives: The task is to convince the postal representative that my package was lost due to their poor tracking system and I should be compensated or have the package tracked and returned to me immediately.

Relationship/Number/Medium: work / small group / oral
Before: The people I work with and train view me as the go to guy when it comes to nutrition and workout routines, I am often referred to as very knowledgeable, committed, hardworking, with a penchant for creative and engaging exercises.
After: My goal here is to get my audience to realize that I view this as more than just a job; instead it is a lifelong commitment towards helping them achieve and live a long, healthy and productive life beyond the military
Before: They know they have to maintain a certain fitness level or they will be demoted or discharged from the military
After: I want them to know that this goes beyond meeting military fitness standards; instead it is a lifelong commitment to a new healthier lifestyle
Before: At the initial start of the program, some people refused to acknowledge they either had a weight or performance problem, there we lots of reason why they believed they should be there and at times high absenteeism.
After: At the completion, I hope they realize that it takes hard work and commitment to achieve their respective weight or performance goals and without careful self-monitoring and restraint they can quickly lose their success
Objectives: I would like to get across to everyone that, small changes to lifestyle can make a tremendous difference, that include, switching from sugary drinks to water or spending at least 40 minutes of aerobic activity.

Audience Assessment
1. The audience identifies itself as (identity self): I am competitive.
2. The audience identifies itself with (evaluative self): I like to complete my work out goals daily.
3. The audience likes and dislikes (behavioral self):
I don`t like laziness. I don`t like complaining. I like motivated people. I like determined people. I like challenges.
4. The audience does (behavioral self): I work out. I exercise my body. I eat healthy.
You might feel thrown for a loop, at first, if your audience is composed of a widely varying set of personalities. To whom do you relate this assessment? The answer is: all of them! Find commonalities.
The commonalities here are health. Everything about me is about keeping the mind, body and soul physically, emotionally, and holistically fit. My goal is to live a healthy life. In order to do this, I workout 5 days a week. I take protein shakes in order to produce more muscle mass. In order to maintain my body, I eat foods that are healthy. I analyze my food intake using mypyramid.gov. In addition, I train with the military 3 days a week as a Command Fitness Leader. My job is to make sure that everyone in my command stays fit and within Navy Regulations. I try to motivate those who lack the drive to succeed. I am determined in making sure they reach their maximum potential. However, there are times where their laziness and complaining drive me insane. The constant complaining makes me want to make things harder for them. I constantly have to challenge myself and figure out a way to incorporate my goals with their state of mind. I lead by example but showing them that I work out hard, I exercise and eat the right things. I hope that my modeling helps them gear toward the right decisions.

Self-Communication Assessment
1. I bring these strengths to the communication situation:
Ethos (credibility): Years of studying courses in relation to health such as first aid, health and nutrition, muscle building, exercise physiology and life experience.
Knowledge: Prior experiences, full understanding of Command Fitness Leader responsibilities, research based projects, training, and readings.
Attitudes: Positive, informative, determined, committed, frustrated, impatient
Audience Identifications (How do you identify yourself with the audience): knowledgeable. I also tend to do everything that I ask them to do. I lead by example. I also follow those who have good ideas in terms of health.
2. I should avoid presenting the following aspects of myself: My frustrations and facial gestures that I knowingly and unknowingly make when I am presented with non-motivated, lazy, slackers.
3. I should avoid the following messages: Continue to think positive and follow the prescribed course of plan. I would also reevaluate my methods if I notice the majority struggling.

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