Clinical Psychologist:

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Clinical Psychologist:

Clinical Psychologist:

A day in the life of a clinical psychologist would start by reviewing data that has been submitted on the clients he or she is overseeing. The clinician must clearly know the diagnoses of the patient in order to properly apply  Applied Behavior Supports. Part of applying ABA therapy would require a written behavior plan that promotes positive reinforcements for behaviors that require increasing, but does not have any negative consequences for any behaviors that the plan would be looking to decrease, (other than not earning the reinforcer that is given). The reinforcer is given as part of positive praise that teaches the patient that they will get what they want by using positive behavior versus negative behavior. For example, a patient might earn one sticker per every day that he does not engage in any of the behaviors that are targeted to decrease. At the end of the week, the patient car turn each of those stickers in for actually money for their personal spending money. This type of plan is geared toward those who have developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs. One of the biggest struggles a clinician will face is the trial and error phase of implementing a behavior plan. Typically, there will be a rise in the behaviors the plan is looking to decrease before the positive effects of the plan comes through. This is due to the fact that the plan is a learning tool for the patient. Probably the biggest challenge is if the patient has physical behavioral issues due to the risk it causes the patient and others. While writing a behavior plan, there must clear instructions on when and how to physically intervene with a patient. These instructions must be approved by numerous committees to ensure human rights are not being violated. If the plan is not implemented correctly, the liability could fall back on the clinician for not training others on the plan thoroughly enough.

Clinicians are often required to put a data chart together for the treating psychiatrist who prescribes the medication used to treat the patient, as well as attend the appointment itself depending on the place of practice. The collection of and accurate presentation of data is the most important piece of treating a patient who requires psychiatric medication. If the data is inaccurate, the patient could become over or under medicated which is a massive health and safety risk.

In addition, the clinician must make time to spend with their patients to make sure they are improving, declining or are stable. This is also important as to develop trust with a patient in order to provide better supports to the patient; as well as better training for those who are providing supports to them.


Direct Support Professionals:


DSP’s are those who provide supports to those who live in group homes. Ages will vary, as well as diagnoses. Typically DSP’s work in group homes that are geared for adults or children who have mental health diagnoses or have developmental disabilities and are considered a type of Nursing Assistant.


The people supported usually have a place they go during the day; school, work, day program…etc. Once they arrive home, the direct support staff are there to greet them and start their daily routines. This will vary depending on the type of supports that are needed. For example, some of the people supported may need assistance in 100% of personal care, and have high medical needs.  Others may simply require assistance with planned community activities cooking and leisure time activities. However, I assure you, the day is never dull.

Due to the sensitive needs of the people who are supported and their diagnosis’s, most of the time there is a routine in place in order to better assist them in feeling comfortable. DSP’s are required to assist in medical administration, transportation, personal care, house cleaning, cooking, money management, attendance and advocacy to/during doctors appointments, daily shopping needs, and many other daily task that you and I will do on a daily basis without the assistance of others. In addition to these supports, DSPs are also required to follow and adhere to any policy, procedures, and health/safety plan that have been put into place.

Emotionally, the job can be very draining, as these staff are giving a lot of their emotions, time, and patience to those who they are working with. Another extremely challenging task of the job is communication. Some of the people who are supported communicate differently than the “average” person; staff must try to develop different ways in order to provide the best possible way to find a way for these people to be understood. DSP’s do not try to change the way the person is able to speak, but try to change the way they themselves are use to listening.

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Delivery of health care is provided in a variety of settings by a diverse group of health care professionals. Physicians and nurses comprise the majority of the health care workforce; however there are far more professionals that encompass the field of healthcare. Review the Healthcare Roles Gallery Tour to view numerous positions within the health care field.

Choose two professions in health care from Chapter 4. Do not select a physician or nurse. Research your chosen two careers further and tell a day-in-the-life story for both professionals. Within your story, identify two critical issues that this individual would face on their job.

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ posts and choose two different classmates to respond to who chose two other professions than what you chose. Examine how that professional would handle and/or manage the issues identified by classmate.

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