Jul 24, 2017

Christopher Columbus and Leif Ericsson

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Christopher Columbus and Leif Ericsson


Hunting Historical Connections This skill unit is different than the previous ones you have done. The skill that I want you to develop is how to use the internet to improve your historical research skills. The numbered list below is of two historical terms - you will need to resarch the two terms and make a historical connection. For example if I were to list the terms Jimmy MdDonald and Walt Disney; You would research those two names and find a connection. In this case the connection is Mickey Mouse. Once you find the connection you will write a complete paragraph explaining how they are connected.. 1. Christopher Columbus and Leif Ericsson 2. Benjamin Franklin and Richard Saunders 3. Mary Dyer and Richard Nixon 4. James Garfield and Alexander Graham Bell 5. George Washington and the New York Stock Exchange 6. Wild Bill Hickok (gunfighter in the Old West) and Diana Fordham 7. Thomas Nast and Clement Moore 8. Robert E. Lee and John Brown 9. Harriet Tubman and WWII 10. Anne Hutchinson and Rosa Parks INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This will not be an essay, but you will need to write about the connections in a paragraph format. This skill unit is to help you develop your internet reseach skills. 2. Write your paragraphs, making sure you cite ALL of your sources in WORD (see above reference if you do not have WORD on your computer). 3. Save your document as a .dox file or a .pdf file on your comuter. 4. In the assignment box below, click the "Browse My Computer" button and look for the essay 5. Select that file and hit the "submit" button

Student:Professor:Course title:Date:HistoryChristopher Columbus and Leif Ericsson: the connection is who really discovered America. Columbus is accredited as the 1st European to discover the Americas. However, Leif Ericsson visited North America roughly 500 years before Christopher Columbus arrived. About 1,000 A. D, Eriksson sailed off course as he was going to Greenland, thereby landing on North American continent, and called it Vinland (EyeWitness to History 42). Benjamin Franklin and Richard Saunders: The connection is Poor Richard’s Almanac. This was an annual almanac that Benjamin Franklin published. Poor Richard’s Almanac was the best seller for a pamphlet that was published in colonies in America with author being Richard Saunders, who was actually Benjamin Franklin making use of another pseudonym (EyeWitness to History 49).Mary Dyer and Richard Nixon:...

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