Jul 26, 2017

Charak Center for Health and Wellness

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Assessment of an agency: Charak Center for Health and Wellness


I am enclosing are materials that is needed. Please cut my paper down to 2 pages. Please answer the three (3) questions on the teachers handout.


The agency I attended for my two hour volunteer service was at Charak Health and Wellness Located at 23000 Turney Rd in Garfield Heights Ohio 44105. Charak Health and Wellness is a private agency by Rakeish Ranjan MD. The agency takes in Medicare, Medicaid and private clients. The agency is the first of the kind in Ohio. 60%, of the clients are Medicare and Medicaid, and 40% are private insurance companies.

The services the agency offers are therapy, medical management is handled by psychiatrist physical assaitents are at hand, there are license independent social workers on hand, (LISWs) license social workers, PHDs, advances practice nurses, RNs nurses, LPNs nurses, case managements, transportation to and from appointments for Medicare and Medicaid clients only. They also have drug addiction sessions; intense out patience which is (IOP) is what I attended. (IOP) is to stabilize the clients with server medical illness and they only accept Medicaid clients into the program. The government befits from Medicaid. There are 52 hours for therapy a year. 24 hours for medical management, 104 hours for case management and 60 days for patience parcel hospital program (PHP) this is what I was observing. Donna provided all the information. She said there are no brochures. Donna Bach runs the program; she is a RN nurse, BC. BSN, NCM who took a passion in the clients of Mental Health and she has been in charge at the center for over thirty years (30).

There are four locations which are Medina, Stow, Mentor and Garfield Heights which is the location I attended. The medical staff and therapy`s rotates between all four locations. Dr. Ranjan also Owen Research special home care as well....

Assessment of an agency: Charak Center for Health and WellnessNameCourseInstructorDate Charak Center for Health and Wellness is a treatment center located at 23000 Turney Rd in Garfield Heights Ohio. Besides this agency which I attended, there are three other locations in Medina, Mentor and Stow. The Health center is operated by DR. Rakesh Ranjan MD, and typically deals with substance abuse and mental health services, providing services to both men and women. The agency takes into consideration private clients, those in Medicare and Medicaid. The agency is unique in Ohio, where 60% of clients are under Medicare and Medicaid, while 40% are privately insured. The main services offered by the agency include medial management and therapy, and this is handled by psychiatrists, physical assistants, licensed independent social workers (LISWS), and advanced practice nurses, PHDs, Registered Nurses, LPNs nurses and care management. Similarly, the health center offers transportation service to and from appointments for clients in the Medicare and Medicaid schemes. The health center focuses on substance addiction and related issues and they have drug addictions sessions. I was able to attend the intense out patient (IOP), which de...

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