Jul 24, 2017

Changes in Nursing Delivery in Response to Current Pressures on the Healthcare System

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Changes in Nursing Delivery in Response to Current Pressures on the Healthcare System


Topic: Changes in Nursing Delivery in Response to Current Pressures on the Healthcare System In order 00026817, you made the outline. Now in this order, I need the essay for that outline. It must be written in Australian Academic English. ---- The outline was written in dot-point, and I just change it to paragraph form. The tutor gave me the feedback and a score of 4 out of 7. I have attached the outline and the feedback of the tutor. all other required documents are attached.---- I think 20 days is enough to write a perfect essay. I hope you avoid any confusing or assigning ma paper to anther writer as before. Same reference of the outline Thank you This order is an essay for the outline of order number 00026817. Same writer of 00026817 must write this order or any good writer, and I have indicated that already when I made the order. The feedback on the outline is attached. -----


 Written assignment  

The required length of the assignment is 3000 words.

For this major assessment piece:

Critically analyse an area of policy and/or practice that has significant implications for your specialty work area and/or health care more broadly.

This unit is designed to encourage students to address contemporary political, economic, social or organisational issues related to practice. As we wish the unit to be very relevant to your area of practice, the topic of your main assignment is very broadly posed.

In the first instance, think about your particular area of practice and the changes that have occurred or are occurring within that context. Or think more broadly about nursing, and/or the health care system and developments within these areas. Consider the origins of those changes or developments. In other words, consider how such developments can be explained. Change does not occur as a result of a ‘good idea’. Change always occurs within a particular context. The objective, then, is to construct an argument that addresses the reasons underpinning the development of the issue/s under study and the implications for practice.

It is expected that the work undertaken will develop far beyond an overview of the literature. It is also expected that you will source current and relevant documentation (both policy and research) to support your argument.

Marking criteria

Please refer to the assessment criteria



Changes in Nursing Delivery in Response to Current Pressures on the Healthcare SystemNameInstitutionChanges in Nursing Delivery in Response to Current Pressures on the Healthcare SystemCurrent trends in Australia’s healthcare point to an increasing demand for healthcare services due to a higher number of patients seeking medical care. There is a high rate of patient acuity leading to more patients requiring specialized and intensive medical care, and an increasing older population. Coupled with rising nurse shortage and increasing rates of chronic conditions, the healthcare sector is overwhelmed with an unmanageable demand for healthcare services. To cater for these patients, the healthcare sector has witnessed significant changes in terms of funding, the role of the private sector and the adoption of new technologies in service delivery to meet patient needs. In this regard, this essay argues that some of the major changes taking place in Australia’s healthcare sector include the need for increased funding, more private-sector involvement and adoption of technology to take care of an increasing rate of patient acuity. Increasing patient acuity is one of the leading factors that have resulted in more patients seeking intensive and specialized medical care (American Hospital Association, 2012). Patient acuity is the level or intensity of medical care by a registered nurse necessary to achieve a positive outcome in a patient. Patient acuity determines the length of hospitalization and level of staffing. The higher the rate of patient acuity, the longer the hospitalization period and higher level of nurse staffing required. In the contemporary healthcare environment, the number of patients requiring intensive care has increased, creating pressure on the available resources. To address this situation, governments and other stakeholders are compelled to inject more resources to cater for increasing patient needs due to prolonged hospitalization. Healthcare givers are responding to increasing patient acuity by providing more intensive care services aimed at shortening the length of hospital stay as well as minimizing delays in attending to new cases (Needleman, 2013). Prolonged hospital stays by patients requiring intensive care not only consumes more resources, but also prevents the nursing staff from admitting new patients. This is because the existing patients need to be discharged first to create space for new ones. The provision of intensive care services ensures that patients are attended to and treated within a short period to save time. In addition, intensive care allows for quick diagnosis of symptoms and administration of effective treatment periods. Similarly, hospitals seek to create more space by discharging patients early to post-acute care services such as skilled nursing facilities and home-based care. This trend means that the mainstream healthcare sector is unable and lacks the resources to cater for rising patient needs....

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