Career Interest: Business Intelligence

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Career Interest: Business Intelligence

Career Interest: Business Intelligence

Business intelligence consultants is one of the few disciplines under business information system which are being introduced in the world today with the aim of covering all the aspects revolving around computing in organizations. Business intelligence is closely linked to computer science but it looks at the business application of computer systems to enhance feasibility, efficiency and further identify the ways in which business application can best interlink to the trends today to optimize performance through understanding of all its business disciplines. Despite various challenges that I believe arise due to the current norms where organizations have to go through especially with the vulnerability as Parthasarathy (2010) notes, I believe business intelligence offers on the opportunity to interact with more than just one aspects of organization systems

To be able to become a business intelligence consultant, one must pursue business information technology, which requires an individual to have majored in mathematics, economics, other business course or an individual who has already gained the basic concepts of computing and can show they are aware how to apply these concepts in their day today activities. Other qualification that one may have and which are essential are five years of work experience where an individual has interacted with customer in the management level and is aware of analyzing trends and applying them in their job capacity. There are several modules where an individual can learn and apply the trends in their life. The most notable of these are the database languages, enterprise utility, IT Business Models, Project management, semantic and collaborative technologies, web, and social media analytic, computing for business and management and business systems programming (Parthasarathy, 2010).

While pursuing business information technology, an individual will be required to conduct extensive research towards the various existing technologies to connect them to their day today activities. The said researches will consider the existing technology where an individual has to find a way to identify the existing gap of technologies, and the new needs they would like addressed (Rud, 2009). Each of these researches will be applied as part of the courses and they will factor into one’s ability to complete their course. An individual has to thus be prepared to learn the changing aspect of technology while at the same time be able to adopt the new culture where they have been introduced. The book I am a Malala, elaborates how an individual has to always be aware of new changes and anticipate them as they arise by adapting to the changes such as the environmental transformation that Malala had to go through (Yousafzai, 2015).

According to Rud (2009), business intelligence marks the future of technology, as it will always be involving the ability of the human to comprehend how best technology can fit in the various components of business while at the same time noting some of the areas that analysts need to look at in the areas of their organization. As a business intelligence consultant, the job description will revolve around familiarizing oneself with the current market technologies while at the same time analyzing the technologies that are applied in the organization where they will like the intelligence to be adopted. The job will also revolve around analyzing where organizations may be vulnerable in technological terms.

The future of organization as Hammergren & Simon (2009) noted relies more on the organizations ability to apply the various technologies to their advantage. Part of this relies on their ability to have stored as much information as possible regarding th

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