Jul 01, 2017

Canon Digital Cameras & HP Tablet Computer Responses

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Canon Digital Cameras & HP Tablet Computer Responses


Please review the topic: Listed here are three different products in various stages of the product life cycle. What marketing strategies would you
suggest to these companies? a) Canon digital camera - growth stage, b) Hewlett Packard tablet computers - introductory
stage, and c) hand-held manual can openers - decline stage
Then the response to the topic from 2 different people. 
response 1: Hewlett Packard tablet computers in the introductory stage should use the primary demand and selective demand strategies. With companies like HP, Acer, Samsung, and Apple; Hewlett Packard will have to advertise so customers desire this brand over the others. Whether this computer has a stronger battery, better storage capabilities, or high-definition screen resolutions; Packard has to advertise its differences to compete with the names listed.
Canon digital cameras in the growth stage should add improved versions or new features as their strategy. If Canon creates a new version of their digital camera that no one it will increase sales to stay profitable. Canon digital cameras have done a great job of continuing growth by partnering with local pharmacies to handle all photo print jobs from family portraits to passport photos. Canon has become the “one-stop shop” for everything photography which has continued their growth as a profitable company.
Hand-held manual can openers in the decline stage should use the harvesting strategy. The harvesting strategy allows the company to continue to make sales from their product but cuts dollars spent on advertisements. Hand-held can openers is something that everyone has in their home, and even if they have an electronic one they will also keep a hand-held handy. I have never seen hand-held manual can openers and that is because the market for them will never be deleted because it is an essential home item.
response 2:Canon digital- while in the growth stage, I would recommend adding new and improve features that will take the strategy to another level. Such as, making it lighter and convenient to travel. Also while in the growth stage, I recommend they take this opportunity to sell more by creating promotion deal to sell more even if it deceases the cost of the camera and gradually rise it as sells increase.
Hewlett Packard tablet computers – while in the introductory stage I would suggest not to advertise the product as a jack-of-all-trades tablet, but focus on the innovation of the tablet. What makes it different and better than most competitors in the current market? I also would suggest targeting a specific demographical group and lure them in to inform and interact with the product.
Hand-held manual can openers – I would suggest while in the decline stage to cut cost on marketing, and focus on the group of people that need or desire manual can openers. Also by utilizing the harvesting strategy, deletion doesn’t have to be an option. Sales will decrease but I would match this product with a product they have in the introductory and growth stage as a deal or package.
What to write: review both above and tell what you like/dislike, agree/disagree about each post. Please keep separate.


Response Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Introduction The concept of the product life cycle has been an elementary as well as a fundamental aspect of any business. It is important since it helps one to grasp the essential aspects of his or her product, so as to stay afloat in terms of making profits.The most important thing however, lies in the way in which one handles the products through its business cycle. These include the method of marketing the product


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