Jul 26, 2017

Can anticipatory logistics work in the corporate world? Why or why not?

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LOG 301 module 1 case 01 09 2014. A case of application of anticipatory logistics in corporate world: Success and challenges


Anticipatory Logistics

Assignment: For this case study please read the article below in the Proquest data base concerning anticipatory logistics the US Army is experimenting with.  Then in a 3-4 page paper answer the following question. 

Can anticipatory logistics work in the corporate world?   Why or why not? 

Assignment Expectations: Don`t just answer yes or no, explain your reasoning.  Consider how the corporate world is the same and different from the military world. What are the specific aspects of anticipatory logistics that fit or don`t fit with the corporate world? You should have 3-4 pages of written text plus a cover sheet and reference page.  Annotate your sources of information appropriately on your reference page. 

Anticipatory logistics: The Army`s answer to supply chain management
Army Logistician; Fort Lee; Sep/Oct 2002; Joshua M Lenzini. Click here for the Proquest article.

The Army is experimenting with the concept of anticipatory logistics for class III (petroleum, oils, and lubricants), class V (ammunition), and maintenance. Anticipatory logistics uses technologies, information systems, and procedures to predict and prioritize customer requirements and provide appropriate sustainment.

LOG 301 module 1 case 01 09 2014Name:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:A case of application of anticipatory logistics in corporate world: Success and challengesThe corporate world can effectively implement the aspects of anticipatory logistics. Anticipatory logistics can be defined as a process used to predict future trends in the requirements of the customer by using information systems, procedure and technologies. It is also essential in sustaining the need for anticipatory logistics. The U.S. army has over the years applied anticipatory logistics but it is believed that the concepts have a huge similarity with supply chain management (SCM) and that it can be applied in the corporate world (Lenzini, 2002). There are various techniques that can be used to merge SCM and anticipatory logistics. If anticipatory logistic has been effective in the army, then it can also be applied in the corporate world. This is because just like in the army, the corporate world must adhere to the principles of SCM. Anticipatory management is made up of a number of processes, which include procuring, producing and delivering different kinds of services to clients. This also applies in the army where logistics are delivered to the combat forces. SCM and anticipatory logistics have seven common components.This commonality is used to merge the anticipatory logistics principles in the business world. The corporate world and the army put into consideration the following aspects: supplies, procurement, management of orders, manufacture, consumption, warehousing and transport services. Although there can be some differences between the two, it is not possible to ignore these components since what has been applied in the army has also been applied in the corporate world (Harrington, Boyson & Corsi, 2010). Both the army and pri...

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