Jul 26, 2017

Building on Children`s Interests by Hilary Jo Seitz

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Building on Children`s Interests by Hilary Jo Seitz


This is essay format paper. Please use the Article as your sources.Don`t use using standard, dictionary definitions when Explaining the meaning of each word. Explaine similarly as it is used in the article


Curriculum Design Assignment #1: Reading Response to: The Plan: Building on Children`s Interests by Hilary Jo Seitz

1.    Provide a full reference of the article APA format.

2.    In your own words, explain the plan Seitz has developed to assist children, teachers and families in providing experienced that are deeply meaningful. In your answer, refer to the difference between a "canned" thematic curriculum model and an emergent (negotiated) curriculum model.

3.    Explain the meaning of each word as it is used in the article.

*authentic *negotiated *compelling *document (verb) implications *teachable moments *provocation (noun) *facilitates *empowered *intrinsic motivation

All definitions must be relevant and contextually accurate. You should avoid using standard, dictionary definitions; they may not be suitable. If you do use a standard definition, you must provide a complete reference.

4.    Use all these words to discuss why curriculum that emerges from children`s interests is so important and how such curriculum can affect why and how children learn, rather than simply focusing on what they learn. In your discussion, bold or underline each selected word.


5. Your personal response: explain your deeper understanding of how children learn. Identify at least 2 points from the article that have assisted your understanding. Describe how you can use what you have gained from this article to enhance your own role with the children in your field placement. Be very specific.

This assignment should:

•    Be approximately 500-750 words long (2-3 pages).

•    Be clear and well written with accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation.

•    Follow all of the policies regarding Assignments as described in the ECE Dept. Manual of Policies and Practices.

This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade.


Curriculum DesignName:Institution:According to Seitz the learning process for the children should highly rely on the experiences that they have. According to the first step these experiences spark certain question in the minds of the children, which if closely followed could help the child and the parents identify the interests of the child. In the second step of conversations and plan writing, the teacher has a chance to work with children through the questions, to further address them through a plan. This way the teacher and the parents can be in a position to create a plan that takes care of the interests of the child making the learning process enjoyable (Seitz, 2006). According to the third step, this kind of learning program is negotiated and emergent, relying on the emergent topics of interest to the children creating opportu...

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