Best Practices Literature Review

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Best Practices Literature Review

Best Practices Literature Review

Conducting an action research or school-based research will improve and develop learning and teaching. In essence, school-based research helps to solve every day challenges in schools, improve teacher effectiveness, and enhance students’ learning (Mertler, 2012). Essential features of or school-based research are improving the practice, and seeking out aspects in teaching as a way for increasing knowledge. The school-based research will integrate practice, theory, and meaningful application of the research results. This will examine new ideas and methods, encourage change in the school, encourage teacher’s reflection, and facilitate individual empowerment through collaborating with others. The action comprise of planning, which will be involving reconnaissance, taking the action, and facts finding concerning the results of the action (Rauch, 2014).

Constant flow of the quality information with educational constituents is inevitable and indispensable trait for success in the school. By putting into practice clear and two way written and oral communications in a variety of ways, with all the education stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, and other stakeholders), will lead to improved students’ academic achievement, and an enhanced meaningful parents and community involvement, which will build support to the students and school (Gunther, McGowan & Donegan, 2011). As such, I exploit different avenues of communication and active listening in order to promote a closer and more meaningful relationship with the educational constituents.

I will harness the efficient use of technology in my professional practice as a tool for helping present learning materials, enhancing communication with students, and as a way of developing effective collaboration with other teachers. The educational technology to be used will include the use of technology applications such as comport based learning, web based learning, and video tape. Collins and Halverson (2014) asserted that effective use of educational technology, which is anchored, in scientific testing and theoretical perspective for its efficient and effective application, improves teachers’ efficiency and boosts students’ motivation.


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